It’s true that even the broken clock is right twice a day. Even Marjorie Taylor Greene has finally done something that is of actual benefit to the people who elected her and to Congress as a whole. Although it’s for certain that she doesn’t think of it this way. Greene has been fined any number of times for not wearing a mask in the halls of Congress and now those fines total $80,000 or half of her congressional salary. Daily Beast:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) must not care much about her congressional salary. According to documents provided to NBC News, Greene has spent more than half of her $174,000 salary on mask fines in her first year in Congress, paying out more than $88,000 from her paychecks. First-time offenders of the House mask mandate must pay $500, with each subsequent violation totaling $2,500.

Greene has railed against the House mask mandate, filing a lawsuit last year alongside fellow Georgia Republican Rep. Andrew Clyde over the mandate. In it, they accused Speaker Nancy Pelosi of using the order to attack her “political opponents,” according to The New York Times. 

Greene has proudly proclaimed her opposition to any form of COVID-19 policy, saying she is unvaccinated and would fight for the rights of those who choose not to be vaccinated.

This actually works out to Greene’s constituents’ benefit and to ours. Greene is not getting paid 1/2 her salary and since she’s basically worthless, it’s nice to know that only half of her check is going to her, and perhaps less than that will go to her in the future.

Moreover, if the money she’s fined isn’t going to her, it stays in the accounts of Congress and is appropriated to other things, we presume. If Greene’s arrogance goes to pay for photocopy paper for an entire building or new coffee machines, great. That would be at least some kind of recompense, however modest, for having to put up with her. Anywhere the money goes it does more concrete good than if it goes into her pocket.

You see, it is truly an ill wind that blows no good. Finally, something positive from Miss Jewish Space Lasers herself. Incredible but true.


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  1. I’m fairly certain she is vaxxed. She’s a sociopath, not necessarily stupid. But I think it’s great she is donating half her salary to the general fund.

    • hmmm. Anyone who does not learn after umpty-squat violations of a rule, resulting in over $85k of fines, is by definition stupid. But you are correct–it is pretty generous of her.

    • That’s how it’s being reported. When Pelosi instituted this fine, she set it up to be directly deducted from their pay. She apparently didn’t think these clowns would pay up otherwise.


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