“Late last night when we were all in bed, Mrs. O’Leary left her lantern in the shed, well, the cow kicked it over and this is what they said, There’ll be a hot time in the old town tonight.” — Old Chicago song

You think it was hot the night Mrs. O’Leary’s cow started the infamous Chicago fire, wait until next week in Washington, D.C.

One week from today. Twitter is already all aflutter with “will he show up?” My instinct is yes and my instinct is also that this is going to be the real John Dean moment. I don’t see Pat Cipollone as being one of the gangsters that are going to allow themselves to be held in contempt of Congress and/or plead the Fifth.

I could be wrong. Let’s see what happens. One thing is certain: we don’t have much longer to wait.


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    • As I’ve mentioned elsewhere regarding Ms. Hutchinson (about her getting a pardon from Biden) Cippilone may not have spoken to authorities or resigned in protest but he does seem to have exerted a lot of effort (and directed his staff to do so) to convince Trump and the other asshats not to do a bunch of shit because of the criminal liability. As with Ms. Hutchinson prosecuting him for the crime of not reporting an impending crime(s) is a tough thing even absent the political circus all this is. And you can bet he’s got plenty of receipts on his efforts to get these idiots to stay within the law.

      His problem as I see it has been and remains he’s still a young guy and I assume has a family. He needs to keep his license to practice law if only to hang out a shingle and have some modest practice somewhere. Personally I think his biggest worry beyond death threats against him and his family (and that’s got to be a huge concern for him) is his career which is already in tatters and if he loses his law license which is quite possible? Ouch.

      That’s why (I believe) he has fought so hard to stay on the sidelines. Provide evidence but from a distance and hope he doesn’t get dragged into the spotlight. It was always a fool’s errand. What I find more interesting is just how far back the plotting to keep Trump in power might have gone. It was a fluke he won in the first place and long before we got to even the runup to the primaries Trump was scared of one person and one person only throwing his hat into the ring. Joe Biden who as we see Trump had every reason to fear running against. Biden kicked his ass.

      I say that because Cippilone was roped into his job by his buddy Don McGahan. I can’t help but think of the old saying about “With friends like those who needs enemies?” McGahan wanted the fuck out. And Cippilone by all accounts back then took a lot of convincing. I’m sure few days have gone by since he’s been WH Counsel he hasn’t cursed McGahan for fucking him over. And in terms that would make an “Old Corps” Gunny blush! For his part McGahan probably FEARS running into Cippilone in a place where no one else is around. Pat just might go off on him that Donny boy would be weeks in the hospital.

      In a way I think Cippilone will, if he just bites the bullet and appears in a public hearing and sings all he knows will be oddly relieved when it’s done. He’s going to have to at some point. Especially if he wants to have any chance of keeping his law license or only having it suspended for a relatively short time. From where I sit he might as well get it over with.

  1. Came here to PolitiZoom on Dennis’s invitation at DK today. I remember enjoying Ursula Faw’s contributed writings there. It’s been well worth my time.

    My clock runs past 3/4 of a century next month. Military brat, grade schools included 3 years in segregated Virgina and 3 years on an all-white naval air station on Oahu. Junior high school in small town Michigan, mixed race high school in southeast Alaska but graduated from an all-white high school of 2000 students on San Francisco peninsula in 1965. UC Santa Barbara, degree in Russian Studies and Political Science/International Relations by ’70 followed by 3 years dragging my feet through an incomplete master’s program in the University of Kansas’s DoD/DoS-funded Soviet and East European Studies. Late to all things digital but I have been a daily regular deep reader of DK, Marci Wheeler, Juan Cole and Digby Parton for 6-10 years now.

    My wife and I spent many an afternoon watching the Watergate Hearings on a black and white TV. She’s been attending to the House Committee Hearings in real time the last couple of weeks on a flat screen in living color. I haven’t because my ongoing adult education at DK, Informed Comment, emptywheel and Digby’s Hullabaloo had already informed me of everything the Hearings have “revealed.”

    Thank you. Please continue to make good trouble on behalf of what we may yet become.

    • Welcome! I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit enough that you’ll check in with us on a regular basis. And encourage others to do the same. PZ isn’t the behemoth that DK is so sometimes it can take a bit of time for some people’s comments to appear. Just why some get routed into a moderation queue is I guess one of those mysteries only those who pray to the algorithm gods understand. We do hope to see you back.


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