(Note: This post is speculative, at present there is no evidence that the subject of it, The Hon. William H. Pryor Jr. Chief Judge of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, is in anyway entangled in the dark machinations, some of which I will outline below, of der Gropinfuhrer’s desperate maneuvers to evade justice for his crimes. But if, as I believe, drumpf has been busy for the last several years constructing the legal equivalent of a get-out-of-jail-free card for himself, would it not be fair for us to try to ascertain what his next gambit will be? Allison Gill, of the Mueller She Wrote podcast seems to think so…)

Ya’ll remember Eric Herschmann, he’s the former White House senior adviser under drumpf who made a splash during his J6 Committee interview, when he advised Trump counselor John Eastman that he needed to get “a great F’ing criminal defense lawyer” and made fun of Sidney Powell and Rudy’s insane election conspiracies…

Herschmann is well, somewhat of a stickler for for what the law…you know…actually says, and was not super enthusiastic about invoking a shaky executive privilege claim under the assumption that drumpf and his clearinghouse lawyers had a “Chief” judge in their pocket…

Finding email too cumbersome a method of convincing Herschmann to expose himself to legal jeopardy in the service of der Gropinfuhrer, Corcoran proposed that he call him on the phone, eliciting this pointed response:

As it turned out, drumpf himself invoke Executive Privilege in the matter, preempting Herschmann’s testimony to the DOJ’s Grand Jury.


You can read the entire NY Times’ article here.

Allison’s thread was included above to show the lengths drumpf’s lawyers were willing to go to to interfere with a witness for the Grand Jury investigating the January 6th insurrection, but the intriguing bit, and most germane to this post, is that the Orangeutan believes he has a captive judge in his bag of tricks. Some speculate that the judge referred to is the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida’s Judge Aileen Cannon, who has been so accommodating to drumpf thus far.

But that assumption does not account for Corcoran‘s choice of the appellation “ChiefJudge”, a title really only appropriate for one prominent figure in the current legal saga of the DOJ’s appeal of Cannon’s ridiculous rulings…

…Again, Allison Gill:

I would venture that that speculation is worthy of some serious thought Allison.

So who is this Chief Judge William H. Pryor Jr. anyway?

People for the American Way

“Right-wing Zealot is Unfit to Judge” Atlanta Journal-Constitution (May 6, 2003)

“Unfit to Judge . . . Mr. Pryor’s speeches display a disturbingly politicized view of the role of courts.” Washington Post (Apr. 11, 2003)

These editorial conclusions refer to Alabama Attorney General William H. Pryor, Jr., nominated by President Bush to a lifetime seat on the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. Pryor, 41 years old, has used the power of his office in an effort to push the law in an extreme far right direction harmful to the rights and interests of ordinary Americans. Pryor has done this not only through litigation in which Alabama was a party, but also by electing to file amicus curiae briefs in cases in which Alabama was not involved and Pryor had no obligation to participate. Pryor is also a frequent public speaker whose speeches make clear that the ideological positions he has taken in these cases are his own.

As discussed in this report, many aspects of Pryor’s record are troubling, including his record on civil rights, reproductive choice, religious liberty, and the Eighth Amendment. Of particular concern are Pryor’s views on the limits on Congress’ authority to enact laws protecting individual and other rights and how he would seek to implement those views if confirmed. Over the past decade, the so-called “states’ rights” or “federalism” revolution promoted by the Federalist Society and other right-wing advocates has severely limited federal civil rights and other protections, particularly by restricting the authority of Congress to require compliance with laws it has passed.

Pryor is one of the architects of this movement and has been a leading activist in these damaging efforts. He personally has been involved in key Supreme Court cases that, by narrow 5-4 majorities, have hobbled Congress’ ability to protect Americans’ rights against discrimination and injury based on disability, race, and age. Worse, he has urged the Court to go even further than it has in the direction of restricting congressional authority.”

I would say you might be onto something there, Allison.

Not really a guy whom we can count on for putting a leash on the Mad-MAGA-King wannabe IMHO.

What say you, dear readers?

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  1. I’d respectfully suggest you change the title, and a bit in the article too. One doesn’t Evoke EP, one Invokes it. It’s more than a picayune point. But I think you’ve pointed out something important that Trump may well think he’s got the 11th Circuit in his pocket. He did after all get to appoint six of the current members, and with someone like Pryor who might well be as eager to do his bidding as judge Cannon (albeit in a slicker way to avoid all the WTF is wrong with her stuff coming from even conservative legal experts) has done. We do have a Chief Justice, John Roberts who can’t keep his own court from jumping off the cliff now so who knows? Pryor might turn out to be an evil secret weapon as you suggest.

  2. Dirty/bought judge previously nominated by a ‘pube. Who’da thunk? I suppose it would be more correct to say “dirty judge, the only kind nominated by ‘pubes”. What cons/’pubes do is sickeningly obscene.

  3. I’m a bit alarmed by your column as is it makes me think that Cannon might be writing her opinions aware of what Pryor believes and or intends to do.

    I don’t think enough of the 11th Circuit would go along with this but these days who can say….

  4. I firmly believe that ALL “judges” appointed by republiCLOWNS this century should leave the bench immediately or be “removed” from the bench.
    America has no time for corrupt scumbags in the peoples court.
    I know a Michigan “judge” that makes $180,000 per year in Michigan but has a 5.8 MILLION DOLLAR HOUSE in Florida. How does that work and why isn’t the “judge” locked up for soliciting decades of bribes instead of doing his fucking job?
    Overworked, I doubt it.


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