Maybe this is the way Twitter is going to go now, things that make no damn sense when you don’t take them at face value, but rather look around and check the facts.

That was a tweet from just yesterday.

Here is a news story from just yesterday. It’s headline is “Trump’s Truth Social Stock Hammered As Elon Musk Cuts Twitter Deal.”

Shares of Digital World Acquisition Corp, the SPAC planning to take Truth Social public if it can gain regulatory approval, were down 13% by late Monday afternoon, when Twitter’s board announced it would accept Musk’s offer to buy the company for $54.20 per share.

The stock is down nearly 50% over the last month and nearly 40% since April 4, the day Musk first disclosed he had acquired a stake in Twitter.

Musk has pledged to take Twitter private and overhaul the company’s policies with an emphasis on protecting free speech. That could spell trouble for Truth Social and other rival platforms that launched as an alternative to Twitter after the company’s past leadership faced accusations of censoring conservative voices.

“Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated,” Musk said in a press release after the deal was announced.

So the stock is “hammered” quote unquote, or the stock is just fine, because if Truth Social is outselling Twitter, then that’s a good thing, right? And the stock should go up?

Or, is this like a trick question, more people are downloading Truth Social, but somehow that’s not reflecting in its health on the stock market, and we’re supposed to figure out why?

Or, as I suspect, Musk is Big Brother and we have just entered the realm of Love Is Hate, Slavery Is Freedom, War Is Peace. Add to that Truth Social Will Set You Free — I mean, why shouldn’t it, it’s bigger than Twitter now, right?

I think the stock of aspirin companies is going to go up now that Musk has Twitter. Therapists may see an increase in patients coming to get mental health counseling.

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  1. One thing that may have been overlooked at the other side of the pond is that the First Amendment ONLY applies to the USofA.

    The EU (and the Brits) have their own rules and Musk has been warned by the EU that if he is in breach of EU regulations, he will face penalties.

  2. Maybe it’s because everyone who wants Twitter already has it, and “Truth Social” still doesn’t work?
    (Srsly, Musk comes across as remarkably ignorant of the real world.)

  3. Is there some financial reason for causing Twitter to tank? I mean a logical one. Why in the eff buy enough shares of a company in order to take it private but then scream how nobody likes the product/service? How does that benefit anyone who owns the company being made to tank? Had it been someone other than musk I’d figure there might be a reason…

    • He might be trying to get it for less money, though if I were on the board I’d say “your offer is your offer, and we can still turn it down”.

  4. Wow. Musk really is engaging in Orwellian double-speak here.

    He wants to make the company “private” so as to ensure “free speech” for everyone. Because “private” operations have been such staunch advocates of “free speech” for people who work for them.

    Yep. He’s all for “absolute” free speech just until someone uses it against him. (Then I imagine he’ll be “requesting” the other person retracts the statement or face him in court. Oh, and probably a ban from Twitter for “defaming” another user.)


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