The medium of Twitter lends itself to short and sweet masterpieces like the thread you are about to read below. This made my day because it’s such a good piece of writing.

Elon Musk has said that “negative feedback is a good thing,” and I hope he feels that way because he’s getting a ration of it with this.

The writer is a former employee who suffers from muscular dystrophy. I went to college with a gal who had malady and it is formidable. I remember her downward spiral and her courage and this thread brings all of that back.

I love this guy’s voice. I could read this all day. I wish he’d start blogging about politics using this voice.

I didn’t know some employees hadn’t been paid yet. Musk took over in October, it’s now March.

On many levels, this was eye opening.

I, for one, am elated that Twitter is still up and functioning. We’re all interdependent on one another. Politics and Twitter is a match made in heaven because tweets travel at the speed of light. Twitter is journalist-heavy and a terrific source for breaking news.

There is also killer commentary, as you see a splendid example of here.

I’m glad Musk allowed this to stay up. This is an employment issue, yes, but what I really got from this thread was an amazing short story of the indominatability of the human spirit. Halli may be in a wheelchair, his physical powers may be fading, but his mind is sharp and his spirit is that of a lion. And he’s going to tell it like it is, with one finger if need be. Bravo.


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  1. Twitter, f.b., and all the rest of that social media bullshit need to go away. All of it is without any worth except to those who would tear down functioning democracies-somehow it manages to do that well even if it cannot do anything having real value. How did our species get in this predicament? I cannot imagine dolphins, the higher apes, swine, hell I cannot even imagine cockroaches doing this kind of damage to themselves and the planet they need to survive.

    This poor schmuck is being subject to this bullshit because our species has decided people with money can make others’ lives a living hell, can break laws with impunity, can do whatever they hell they please because they have money. They are not qualified to do real work but because they have money they ARE allowed to commit crimes for which you and I would be locked up for–for a very long time in fact.

    Twitter feeds are not journalism–they are the appendage of the parasite sucking the life out of our societies. A firing squad is not nearly painful or long enough to punish space karen for his never-ending bullshit. Ditto zuck, ditto vlad, ditto …..

  2. He’s still owed money from when Twitter bought his company (and he was paid it as regular income, and paid the taxes on it).


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