Of course President Biden will instruct FEMA to do everything in their power to help the citizens of Florida, you two irredeemable shitheels, because, until the oozing, ambulant, postulant bedsore you all thought was fit to be President thought otherwise, giving aid to Americans visited by natural disaster, no matter how they voted, was just the norm and not some sort of largesse that needed to be cajoled through prolonged supplication and endless flattery.

You two hacks know very well that it is not in this President’s character to pick and choose which Americans are deserving of his help based upon how much obsequiousness they display or how many flowery terms they produce to flatter him, because, first, that is not who he is, and two, because that is never how this has been done in like… ever.

Until your guy…

And rub his hands together and chortle like Snidely Whiplash as he does it…


Now, there is an asshole who would do something like that, Tucker.

Exactly. He would politicize his mother for a vote.




Of course he is.


Whether they are actually entitled to it or not. Looking at you, Matt Gaetz.


Right on, bleu…

Exactly, TJ.


It is toxic BS like this displayed by DeSantis and Carlson which is poisoning the body politic of our country.

They should be ashamed but are not capable of it…

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  1. He’s cautiously optimistic AFTER Biden already mobilized relief for Florida because he can’t relate to anyone doing something good for those who think differently. This guy deserves to go down in flames and back to the swamp he crawled out of. What an indecent, integrity deprived POS.

  2. Besides the giant hypocrisy of his vote against aid for victims of Sandy, maybe he shouldn’t spend 12 million tax dollars to human traffic 50 immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. What about that red??? What a tool your governor is. I say Biden should follow your leader, blow into town AFTER the storm, toss a few paper towels, and tell you to go fuck yourselves. Right Puerto Rico???? Or give you the height of stupidity after climate change creates historic fires, fly in and berate you for not sweeping the forests. Goddamn. How fucking stupid can you folks be?????

    • It’s hard to respond to a semi illiterate dumb ass. Biden is the king of human trafficking. I live in The Free State of Florida. Do you live in a free state? For a black guy, you sure have an extra foul mouth. That shows the extent of your civility.

      • I live in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Up.here they don’t tax my husband’s military pension. Our schools are good. Nobody tries to convert you to evangelical Christianity.

        I lived in the “free state of Florida” for 5years,as a child and six as an a kid. The only place I would visit is Orlando,and I would stay on property. I found your residents to be poorly edit (I subbed there),lacking in critical thinking skills,and remark I lacking in the basic facts of science and history.I went back.to.get paralegal training (already had teo.master’s degrees,) and was unimpressed by my fellow students. One of them told me the South did not lose the Civil War.

        I will.take MA any day over FL. Your state is bigited, racist and misogynist. Your governor is an idiot,taking on the biggest employer in the state.

      • Notice fatass you didn’t argue facts. Your nazi voted against aid for victims of Sandy. He spent 12million to go get people from TX then briefly land them, lie to them and dump them on a small island without notifying anyone. You & YOUR boy are fucking nazis. If it were 1941-1945, you’d be dodging bullets from American soliders. Oh & you make a racist remark. Fuck you fatass. Keep hiding & lying. By the way I’m not black dumbass.

  3. Just read the causeway bridge between Fort Myers and Sanibel Island has collapsed in places. My family used to vacation there almost yearly-I always enjoyed the wildlife refuge on the island and the shelling was phenomenal. Hope something can be done in a fairly timely manner for those folks.

    Sure, the governor is a hypocrite, he’s G.O.P. so natch, but much might be lost from this storm and the worse ones down the road: because they are not going to get less damaging, only more so.

  4. Fuck him. And while I’m at it God DAMN him to hell! I say that as someone who worked two seasons (2004 and 2005) as a DTE (Disaster Temporary Employee) for FEMA. Both taking disaster aid applications over the phone and as response shifted to Helpline work to move applications that had been hung up (the process was often automatic if all the data was in the system and the applicant’s info. was electronically verifiable) so that people could get the aid they were eligible for. I can also say fucking with response isn’t new with Trump. Or with Republicans objecting to for example Hurricane Sandy aid.

    Remember if you will the 2004 & 2005 hurricane seasons. FL got hit by FOUR, count em four hurricanes in 2004 which just happened to be an election year. And the President’s baby brother who bent and broke laws & procedures to deliver the state to W in 2000 needed to deliver it again. OF COURSE there was a massive federal response, as there should have been. It was the largest in FEMA’s history which is how I got hired on in the first place. New “Nipsys” (National Information Processing Centers) were massively expanded in several locations, with warehouses being rented and wired in record time with high speed internet and complex phone systems as temp. agenices were contracted to hire four to five hundred temp. workers at each location. In 2004 we got a week’s worth of training before being sat down at our “workstations” (at first it was just those tables with folding legs, a laptop and phone connection & headset and a halfway decent folding chair with a padded seat) to take calls from people applying for aid. I was one of a group singled out after a while to be trained on helpline work (I’d eventually be sworn in as a bona fide Federal Employee) which again took almost a week.

    The NEXT year, when Katrina hit things were different. Yes, a few hundred temps were hired and they got a day and a half of training! Hmmmm. And when the time came for us to do helpline work, things I was allowed to do the prior year to “unstick” an application that was hung up, things I could have done (and did the year before) with the click of a mouse I was no longer allowed to do! I could go on, but the point is that New Orleans wasn’t GOP territory and Louisiana in general still sometimes had Democrats getting elected. Yes, MS got hit too and Trent Lott’s second home not far from the ocean got wiped out. But, as would be the case with TX that year Bush knew he was winning MS and TX no matter what, and so would damned near everyone else on the GOP ticket down the ballot!

    DeSantis is despicable. And the GOP loves him for it.


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