The critters are here again, to provide a little respite from the awfulness of the current news, and, hopefully, to give you a reason to smile.

The cats were all settled in this morning and wanted to hear a story.

“I could read you a story from our Caterly Tales book,” I said to them.

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“That would be great,” Kiki said.

Allen piped up, “You could read to us about other things, too. Even ducks. You could read to us about ducks. I heard Freddie say that he’s afraid of ducks, but I’m not afraid of them.” He looked up with a proud look on his face.

“Have you ever met a duck?”

“Of course. You have one on your bathtub. I like to play with it when it’s floating in the water.”

“That’s a rubber duckie, Allen. That’s not a real duck.”

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“I mean, have you ever met a real duck?”

“Well, no, but I heard one once. They talk funny.”

Kiki was wide-eyed. “How do they sound?”

“They make this loud quacky sound. I bet it would scare you if you heard it. But it didn’t scare me. I’m brave.”

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“When did you hear a duck?” Kiki asked.

“A long time ago, before you came to live with us, when the Goat Lady’s duck got out and came into our back yard. Don’t you remember, Mom? I was all excited and running around looking out all the back windows. I tried to tell you about it.”

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“Hmmm…I remember. The Goat Lady came and took her duck home.”

Kiki again,

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“No, she’s not a goat. She kept goats in her yard.”

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“Right here, on our street? If she kept goats, why did she have a duck? I don’t understand.”

“Actually, she kind of had a little farm in her yard.”

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“Wow! I’d sure like to go over there!”

“I’ll bet you would.”

“Yes, I would hide in the tall weeds and watch the goats and the ducks.”

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“Goats are a lot bigger than you are, you know. Ducks are pretty big, too.”

“Were there any other animals there? “

“There were chickens. She had a rooster who would crow any time he saw a light, even a car coming into her driveway.”

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“Allen, did the rooster sound quacky, too?”

“No, he just sounded annoying. I would be all curled up on Mom’s lap and he would wake me up. He only said one thing, ‘Cock-a-doodle-doo.’ I never saw him, though. That would have been exciting. I was glad when he went away.”

“Mom, can we go to a farm? It would be cool to hide out and see all those other animals.”

“I think you are safer staying here in the house. But maybe we can find some videos of ducks and goats and roosters on the internet.”

“You think there are some of those animals inside your computer, and you could show them to us?”

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“Ummm, sure. Come on over here and we’ll see what we can find.”

And so went story time for today.

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