Greetings of the Day! My name is Allen.

But first, a quick word from Mina…Hi, Folks. Today’s Diary is a re-run of my first one. This week has been a mishmash of horribleness, leaving me no time to write anything. I hope you enjoy Allen’s story here. I’ll be back next week with some more new critter tales.

My mom, Mina, has just signed on to write some mid-week kitty diaries here at Politizoom. The idea is not to minimize what is going on in the news, but to provide a few minutes’ respite from the awfulness to those who would like it.

I thought you might enjoy seeing a full portrait of my beautiful self.

. In fear of what she might tell everyone about me, I have insisted that I write the first diary.

Actually, I think she is relieved. She’s 83 years old and this is her first writing “job”, so she is understandably a bit nervous about it.

Let me tell you about my experience with the computer. One of my best talents is climbing up on my mom’s chair and arranging myself across her arm so that she has a hard time reaching the keyboard of her laptop. That way, I can control what she is able to type. Pretty nifty, huh?

Sometimes, I actually manage to spread my gorgeous soft body across the keys. I don’t understand why she always wants to move me away from that cozy, warm position. I can type wondrous things with my fur and my tail.

My sister Kiki looks a lot like me except that she is floofier, and she never tries to get near the computer and write. Her charm is just sitting around and looking lovable and cute. Sometimes my mom calls her Fluff-tail. Kiki thinks my dad is her own personal slave, and she flies down the stairs in the morning ahead of him, intermittently looking back to make sure he is coming down to feed her before she starves to death.

I had another sister, Dulce, but she recently crossed the rainbow bridge, and we all miss her.

She was my true love.

All of us are very good at purring, and that makes my mom happy.

My mom LOVES to feel those throbby purrs against her body, and if I do it just right, she will lean over and kiss me on the head. I kind of like that, I have to admit.

Another note from Mina ~ Allen agreed to let me say farewell for today. We are all looking forward to meeting here again. Have a sweet and purry week.

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  1. Our four legged friends are part of our family. Back when I still had my spaniels I’d say that if children got the love my “boys” got this world would be a better place. Countless cat and dog people I’m sure have felt the same way.

    Right now our hearts are once again broken for parents, siblings and others like grandparents and aunts & uncles, classmates and other friends. However, there are other family members who have a hole in their hearts too. Some of kitties and doggies are at a loss about why one of their hoomins didn’t come home, and can see the anguish in those that are around them. Yes, our four-legged friends mourn too.

    Something to think about.

    • Yes, Denis, I can see that my kitty Allen truly misses his favorite friend, Dulce. When she was so sick, there towards the end, he would lie on the floor near her and watch over her. Now that she is gone, he seems a bit like a lost soul.

      I too feel for not only the humans but for the animals who are missing those whose senseless murder has been filling the news today.

  2. Oh Mina, this was delightful! Allen is truly a very talented writer and I look forward to more from him and Kiki.

    My condolences on the sad loss of beautiful Dulce. May she romp and play to her heart’s content in the sunny fields over the Rainbow Bridge. One day we will all meet up again there.

    • Thanks, Michelle, from both me and Allen. I only wish that reading about animal antics and love could solve the dreadful problems in the world.

  3. This is great. Two pootie pieces a week will definitely give us some respite from the sheer madness that we post here. I need to get out and adopt a kitty (or two) myself. I’ve been putting it off far too long. And then I’ll post one of these. :))

    Thank you, Mina. This is a great beginning.

    • And thanks for your help with this, too. I think I can do things and then I look at the complexities of the process and it boggles my mind. Yikes. Hopefully, next week’s will come together more easily. I hope you get a kitty (or 2) soon. I’d like to hear your stories.


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