“We have a new book today. It’s called Critter Tales.”

Apricot Cat/MVK

Allen looked quizzical. “Why would we want to hear about their tails? Don’t their tails go everywhere with the rest of their bodies?”

“Not tails, like the one that’s part of your body. This word sounds the same, but it means stories.”

“Then why don’t they call them stories?”

“Hmmm…I don’t know, Allen. But the tales I am going to read you today are actually special poems called limericks.

“Are they about ducks or squirrels?”

“They are about all kinds of animals.”

“Well, I’m ready to hear them.” He snuggled on my lap and started to purr, and so we began.

We got a new hat for our ferret
but he told us why he would not wear it
“I’m sorry, my dears,
it’s too tight on my ears,
and I tell you I just cannot bear it.”

Sources: Rawpixel;AC/MVK

“Ooh, I wish I could have a hat like that.” Allen put his soft paw on the ferret.
“It would surely squash your ears,” Kiki spoke up.
“Well, maybe Mom would put little holes in it for my ears. I think it would be cool.”
From me this time, “Let’s check out another limerick.”

A frisky young squirrel named Tommy
commented one day to his mommy,
“If I had the guts,
I’d gather some nuts
and trade them for cheese and salami.”

Sources:Unsplash/Jennifer Uppenda,Aleksey Melkom;pixabay/Steve Buissinne

I think this one stirred up their hunger senses. They both piped up.
“Now that sounds like a sensible squirrel. Can we have some salami and cheese? Please…”
“Maybe after story time, we can find some kitty treats. How would that be?”
“Yeah, probably. Do you have any treats that taste like salami and cheese?”
“Ummm, I’ve never tasted them, but I’m sure you’ll like them.”

My kitty just looks so demure
as she shows off her elegant fur
Her paws are petite
She is so soft and sweet
and I melt when she revs up her purr

unsplash/Christine Knappe

“Do you feel like that when we purr?”
I hugged them. “Of course.”
A cute little furry chinchilla
made friends with a giant gorilla
Over ice cream they’d flip
The ape had mint chip
The chinchilla just wanted vanilla

rawpixel; unsplash/tanya kusova

“That sure was a brave chinchilla. I remember you gave me some ice cream one time. That was pretty good stuff.”
“I have some in the freezer now. French vanilla. Maybe I can find a spot of it for you after dinner.”

There was an old codger named Tony
who wanted to ride on a pony
But that little horse
reared up with such force
and neighed, “Get off me, you phony!”

unsplash/jordan heimrichs

“I don’t blame that horse. Who would like a big person on their back?”
“Well, it looks like the horse ended getting what he wanted. I don’t think I would like it, either. But some horses are tame, and don’t seem to mind letting people ride on them.”
“Humph…Well, I wouldn’t do it.”

So who can do math like a rabbit?
He multiplies just out of habit
He does not learn the table
Oh, no ! He is able
to do it innately, dad-nab-it!

jack bulmer; rawpixel

“Wow!” they chorused. We didn’t know rabbits came out of eggs like that. And what is math, anyway?”
“It’s what we call a play on words. It’s a joke.”
“Well, I don’t get it.”
“Maybe it’s time to go in the kitchen and find those treats.:
They were off my lap in a flash. Pulling my creaking old body up to a standing position, I followed them into the kitchen. Treats, indeed. They were rubbing against my legs and purring. I think they are the real treats.

Source: adobe
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  1. What a glorious piece, Mina! I laughed and smiled and giggled happily all the way through it! The images were purrfect with the limericks and I loved the conversation in between! I’m looking forward to the next Wacky Wednesday now! ❤️?

  2. I’ve been gone all afternoon – had made a commitment to sing at a concert. It was so nice to get home, flop into my chair, and find the nice comments. Thanks to all of you. I’ve had fun doing it.


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