This is a real doozy, but then again, we deal with Trump world where anything is possible. Bear in mind as well, that Donald Trump is facing a lot of pressure from different quarters. It might be in his best interest to cave in to the DOJ and its federal investigators or at the very least, to make the appearance of cooperation with them.

As you well recall, Trump depicted the execution of the search warrant at Mar-a-Lago in August as the worst possible violation. If flying saucers had landed on the beach and little grey men had climbed through the windows, Trump wouldn’t have depicted that as brutally as he did the FBI showing up at the front door with a search warrant.

But all that might be changed, now. CNN:

Donald Trump’s legal team is weighing whether to allow federal agents to return to the former President’s Florida residence, and potentially conduct a supervised search, to satisfy the Justice Department’s demands that all sensitive government documents are returned, sources tell CNN.

In private discussions with Trump’s team as well as court filings, the Justice Department has made clear that it believes Trump failed to comply with a May subpoena ordering the return of all documents marked as classified and that more government records remain missing.

Some in Trump’s inner circle aren’t convinced there are any remaining government documents, after the FBI seized nearly 22,000 pages when they executed a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago in August.

So what is this new posture of Trump’s, a desire to placate?

In the throes of multiple legal battles and hoping to alleviate some of the pressure he is facing, Trump has recently signaled to aides and allies that he is open to a less adversarial approach toward the Justice Department – one that might swiftly resolve the records issue after weeks of contentious court proceedings, according to people familiar with the situation.

The approach comes even as Trump continues to indulge legal theories that the records he took with him at the end of his presidency are his personal property, an argument his team is making in court and that he first heard from conservative judicial activist Tom Fitton.

“The general belief in Trump World is that this is much ado about nothing and the sooner we get past it the better,” said a person close to Trump, adding that the former President has told allies he “wants to move on.”

Cooperative or pugilistic? Trump has always favored the latter approach. Maybe he’s going to turn over a new leaf. It might just be that the attorneys that he has are threatening to walk if he doesn’t cooperate, because they don’t want to be sailing into strong winds all the time, they want to make this situation run as smoothly as possible.

Will Trump listen to anybody? That is indeed the question.

Or, here’s another possibility: maybe Trump’s new lawyers just don’t want their phones and computers seized. Maybe it really is as simple as that. Maybe it’s finally time for Trump to grow up and his lawyers are facilitating that. Frankly, I’ll believe it when I see it. Meanwhile, this is an interesting development, that much we can say.

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    • He has already moved them, I suspect. They need warrants for his VA and NJ golf courses as well. If he is considering allowing a search, it likely means he believes it won’t hurt him because there is nothing to find at Mar-a-Largo. It doesn’t mean there isn’t still something to find.

  1. My first guess is that he knows he is at the end of his rope and instead of admitting it, he points to another bright shiny object and hopes everyone will follow his gaze. In the mystical realm between his ears i say he thinks if he plays nice, all will be forgotten and forgiven and he can go home a free man.

  2. If this was literally ANYONE else, they would already be in jail and ALL their properties would have been searched thoroughly, and perhaps even seized outright.
    And the searching wouldn’t have been knock politely and wait, but knock the door down and ransack.

    And this is from the ‘head’ of the ‘law and order’ party?

    Do they realize how stupidly hypocritical they are?

    • Sigh…while I TRULY get where you are coming from, could we, for the love of Cthulhu, let that “if this were someone else” argument DIE already? First, it’s been well-established that this is NOT anyone else and second, we’re talking about the head of a vast (if incredibly inept) criminal conspiracy against the United States.

      That second part is kind of important, BTW. Are you going to feel any better if he gets what you think he deserves while some of the other guys below him get a chance to do this again? The ones too dumb to get out of the way of the oncoming freight train (looking at you, Steve Bannon), they gotta go too. In the meantime, nothing Mr. Tangerine Man has done has helped. So let’s quit pretending like it has.

  3. Trump may ‘let them’ reinvestigate? Give me a break. Trump is a private citizen. Since when does HE make the determination as to what the DOJ and the FBI can and can’t investigate? Why does the media, even the left-wing media, still constantly bend over backward to somehow grant Trump limitless powers that he does not possess? It’s maddening.

    • I get you, Kevin. I really do. Trump’s biggest downfall may be that in his fevered little mind he thinks that he’s smarter than everyone else.

      So he invites the FBI to search Mar-A-Lardo again. Easy peasy, no documents, no issue. Then the problem goes poof!

      Except that everyone in the free world wants all his properties searched. Hell, he may have had secret documents shipped to his gaudy golf club in Turnberry, Scotland. Or wherever.

      This will take time and a lot of coordination. They’re investigating a former president who owns multiple properties.

      The feds have other things on their plates as well.

      We all want the immediate satisfaction of seeing Trump pay. I don’t think it will work that way.

    • Bingo. And it is sickening that Ivana’s remains must be disturbed. You know, she spent some years married to mushroom dick and gave birth to three of the most worthless children ever born, I think she’s suffered enough. Still, I suppose the casket must be exhumed.

    • You know I was thinking the same thing, if his x- wife was cremated why would they put her in a casket and bury her at one of his golf courses ? she is in a Urn ?

  4. If I had my say – I’ll go along with a supervised search of Mar-a-lardo while search warrants of all his other properties happen at the same moment . . . just sayn . . .


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