Sunday, November 17, 2019
At some point last week, a group of Republican House congressmen drafted articles of impeachment against Rob Rosenstein. If that sentence sounds unusually vague for a news article, it is. But, it is vague only because so are the...
Following the surprise release by the New York Times of a rather long list of questions that team Mueller told the Trump defense team that they would like to ask him in an interview, the burning question is, "Will...
Donald Trump promised to "drain the swamp." But any good surveyor will tell you, when you drain a swamp, the first thing you do is to expose all of the really nasty, slimy shit that was hiding at the...
OK, everybody can stop hyperventilating now. The bad, nasty curly haired lady has gone back to telling jokes to people who actually like her. To me, Michelle Wolf didn't crack the best joke of the night, that honor went...
You know my friends, this is starting to seem like Groundhog’s Day. The holiday, not the movie. It seems like just about once a year, Punxsutawney Veselnitskaya pokes her head up out of her hole, and Vladimir Putin in a topper gravely proclaims how many more weeks of Russian winter Trump will have to suffer […]
James Miller of Texas will serve 10 years probation for killing his neighbor, Daniel Spencer in 2015.  If this sounds a bit lenient, it is made worse by the fact that Miller used “gay panic” as his defence.  And it worked.  Miller was charged with manslaughter but was found not guilty, and so, will only serve […]
On Thursday, President Donald Trump voiced his support for doing away with the Electoral College for presidential elections in favor of a popular vote because the latter would be “much easier to win.”  Easier to win for the guy who didn’t win the popular vote?  During this excerpt from his morning rant, he says, […]
I was seriously bummed today. I made sure I was in bed early enough to be up by 11:30 PDT , all my chores done, to watch my favorite pincushion, Scott Pruitt, get roasted on a spit over a campfire. Instead, I was treated to two hours of learning intimately that Bill Cosby was heading […]
I’m sorry, but I’m getting sick of this! When somebody has done as much stupid shit as I have (and I have the spousal support receipts to prove it) in life, they should be almost impossible to embarrass. But every time somebody with an accent pops over to say “Hi!,” Trump always ends up standing there, […]
You know, when you get older, you spend a lot of time thinking about, and fondly remembering, “the good old days.” Politically speaking, only in the Age of Trump can “the good old days” literally be, like, two years ago. Resignations in a Presidential administration tend to fall into two categories, benign and malignant. Benign […]

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