We’ve heard Donald Trump take potshots at President Joe Biden probably a gazillion times. Quite frankly, most of his potshots, like say “sleepy Joe,” and “crooked Joe,” as opposed to “crooked Hillary,” are kinda…well, um stupid. Really, they are. Biden has seemed to take most of this in his stride. But this was his night, tonight, at the White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner and he was on his game. Of course, he also acknowledged that yes, age is an issue.

“the 2024 election is in full swing. And yes, age is an issue. i’m a grown man running against a six-year-old,” Biden quipped from behind the podium at the annual event.

“i really feel great. i’m campaigning all over the country — pennsylvania, georgia, north carolina. i’ve always done well in the original 13 colonies,” Biden said to appreciative laughter.

Then, as reported by The Hill, it was time to lob a few swings at the former president, whom he’ll be going up against on Election Day in November.

“age is the only thing we have in common. my vice president actually endorses me,” Biden said, giving vice president kamala harris due credit.

Former Vice President Mike Pence has famously refused to back his ex-boss and unsuccessfully ran against Trump in the GOP race this time around.

During his speech, Biden returned to a more somber tone to discuss his 2024 opponent in the room that was filled with journalists, lawmakers, and celebrities. He wasted no time in getting to the point.

“the defeated former president has made no secret of his attack on our democracy. he said he wants to be a dictator on day one, and so much more. he tells supporters he is their revenge and retribution. when in god’s name [have] you ever heard another president say something like that?” Biden asked in regard to trump’s recent remarks.

“we have to take this seriously. eight years ago, you could’ve written off [that] it was just trump talk, but no longer. not after January 6,” the president said. he called on the audience to “move past the horse race numbers” and “focus on what’s actually at stake.”

Biden and Trump now have all the necessary delegates they need to win their respective party nominations in the upcoming presidential race. Polling suggests this is going to be a close fight — averages from The Hill/Decision Desk HQ point out that Trump is less than half a point over Biden, and there are a batch of key battleground states that could decide the winner.

If you remember, Trump never attended the annual dinner during his time in office. And as he deals with an ongoing criminal trial, related to a hush-money payment made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels during his 2016 run, along with three other criminal indictments he’s facing, means that Trump will be off the campaign trail four days a week for who knows how many weeks on end. Democrats, of course, hope this will be a boon for Biden.

“i’ve had a great stretch since the state of the union. but donald has had a few tough days lately. you might call it ‘stormy weather'” Biden wisecracked in an obvious jab at trump’s hush money trial.

So it was nice to see Biden enjoying a few good gibes at Trump’s expense. Trump, if hasn’t already will probably post a shouty, all caps rant, but for Saturday night, anyway, no one was shouting. There were a few hours for people to come together and enjoy a few good laughs.

That’s never a bad thing.

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  1. Nice to see Dark Brandon come out to play. I hope he was wearing his shades while he was throwing some shade. He said what was needed to be said and I’m hoping a whole lot more. President Biden is a good man who has done more for the people (both parties) of this country that that orange menace ever thought of doing. And with four more years, he can do a lot more good for this country and its people. Vote BLUE! Keep President Biden going. No matter what you think of the President, the alternative is a terrible thing. Democracy will die if dfg gets another chance to be resident.

    • Calvin Most did a great job too, telling the story of his late grandfather who voted for Biden in 2020 because of Joe’s inherent decency. Like his grandfather I will always choose the decent caring who isn’t a genius but knows what he doesn’t know and listens to experts over a rich, successful, arrogant genius (if only in his own mind) whose “brilliance” has convinced him that “he alone can fix it.” I give you Trump and Covid.

  2. That, by the way, is my favorite photo of Biden. I don’t have a favorite one of Trump. I have several that I like to laugh at however.

  3. It seems miraculous that Trump has made so many bizarre attempts to delay his trial periods, expecting a full immunity call from the Supreme Court, after his election to the White House once again …. If our Constitution, bruised and pummeled by the Republicans, finally has it’s way, Trump will NOT be eligible to become, again, a worthless. non-presidential persona in the White House …

    The main reason he won’t be eligible, IS the Constitution plus Federal Laws will install him in a year-around spa of concrete and colorful tiles and hardened-tempered steel …

    With no hope of salvaging his Trump-named business properties, his former glory will become a mere whisper in the winds of time, people, the younger generation mostly, will become the ones saying, “Donald- WHO?” … With so many examples of his lawlessness and criminal deeds towards the United States, the unbelievable history saved into the National Records will require an investment of serious class time in those Institutions of higher learning which should become a WARNING to all future generations, rated up there with Hitler, one of Trump’s heroes …

    Trump salivated over the awesome power of unlimited terror and control of countries with Dictators … He envisioned having his own harem of young girls to wait on him, pick up after him when he throws his next batch of papers and and used laundry on the floor …

    If Trump is anything, he has been a pig to housekeepers and groundkeepers, his carelessness with documents is well demonstrated and we wonder how much information his son-in-law delivered to Arabia it took to bring home 2 billion dollars …

    Trump, it’s time to pay the piper, good luck, you are going to need a LOT of that these coming weeks, the popcorn is popping …

    • I have reached the point where I don’t care if Trump.goes to an actual prison as long as he goes away. I would be fine if he ends up.at made with an ankle bracelet and allowed to.play golf once a week, but with a gag order, u able to do anything with his businesses, and visits limited to his immediate family,absolutely forbidden to.speak to the press. I suspect some of that is unconstitutional but it is a thought that makes me chortle. Because the worst thing that can happen to.Fat Donnie is to become irrelevant and forgotten.

  4. Biden has two things going for him that Trump completely lacks: Irish charm and a Publish sense of humor. He can actually tell a joke and poke fun at himself. It made for a great speech, funny comments all the more effect because they were laced with hard truths.

    Trump cannot laugh at himself The only humor he understands are cheap.insults and derogatory cracks designed to denigrate and hurt others. Most of us outgrow this by the the time we become adults. Trump.never did.

    Biden’s best line was talking about age:”I’m a grown man running against a six year old.”

    More like a,sixth grade bully who threatens to beat you up unless you give him your lunch money or throws you in a trash can just because he can. Then”lunch money” game is playing out in real time as he threatens his opponents with a bloodbath if he loses,,and hawks overpriced Bibles to.his cultists. The trash can bit is what he longs to do to.anyone who dares criticize him and he really longs to toss Judge Merchandise and Alvin Bragg in a trash compactoe.


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