In a blockbuster ruling, drumpf’s favorite Judge of the moment, Judge Aileen Cannon, has granted his request and appointed a “Special Master” to review disputed documents seized by the FBI during the Mar-A-Lago search.

In so doing she also effectively curtails the DOJ’s further investigation into what criminality led to him possessing them in the first place.

The Hill

“A federal judge on Thursday denied the Justice Department’s (DOJ) motion to access the classified records stored at Mar-a-Lago and installed a recently retired judge to serve as the special master former President Trump requested.

The duo of orders from federal district Judge Aileen Cannon will ignite a Justice Department appeal to the 11th Circuit and also taps Judge Raymond Dearie to serve as the special master — the one candidate both the DOJ and Trump’s legal team could agree on.”

The ruling also stipulates Dearie finish his review by Nov. 30, effectively delaying any investigation by the DOJ until after the mid-terms.

For you legal eagles, Twitter emptywheel has provided a link to the ruling and provided commentary…

emptywheel has also just posted commentary on her website:

“Cannon’s silence about obstruction is even more outlandish. No one contests that these documents are marked classified! Trump has not even formally contested they’re classified. But the entire question is what to do about documents market classified.

If the are marked as classified — which no one contests! — then they were responsive to the May 11 subpoena. And if Trump withheld documents responsive to the May 11 subpoena, he committed the crime of obstruction.

And that’s why Aileen Cannon doesn’t want to talk about the crimes under investigation here. Because once you do, then there’s no question but those documents marked as classified are either evidence of the crime, Espionage Act, or the crime, obstruction — and probably both.”

I expect the DOJ will now appeal to the 11th Circuit Court which has a large conservative majority and is overseen by Clarence Thomas.

The fix is in.


You can moo that again.

Only in America.

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  1. Start chiseling EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW off the goddamn federal buildings. Glad I’m officially an outlaw. That being said, it’s not over. As Hendrix noted: castles made of sand wash into the sea eventually. That they do.

  2. I sure as hell hope everyone is taking note of all this. Taking note and realizing they absolutely do not have to obey any law they disagree with. Of course I hope they do so right in front of this dumb c*n’ts house. Oh, also in front of her place of employment…for as long as she holds that position. And let’s not leave uncle Tom out of all this. Break the law in front of that dumb ass’s house as well. And have fun in front of the s.c. building as well. Fuck it folks, go cray.

    • I’m obviously taking better notes than you are. Because I just noticed how Cannon has made herself useless to her REAL masters, the Federalist Society. The purpose of them putting her on their shortlist was for some bigger purpose than being Trump’s lap poodle. Now that she has sworn allegiance to Mango Mussolini, every detail of her life and career are now officially under the microscope. Whatever she is hiding WILL come, WILL compromise her and WILL likely force her out in a year’s time. That means the Federalists are going to have to pick another stooge, delaying or outright stopping whatever plans they had for Cannon.

      In the event I’m right, I’m going to rub your panic in your face. As long as you use your emotions as a substitute for thinking, you’re the perfect prey for our enemies. Do better.

      • We’ve disagreed and more than a few times but on this one I’ve been thinking and say the same thing you are regarding this judge and the organization she’s had mentoring her since back in Law School. The Federalist Society isn’t necessarily against high profile fights, but can’t imagine this is one they expected or wanted to be having from one of their disciples. She, like so many other unqualified or only marginally qualified for the bench do have “handlers”, not the TFS wants them talked about as such. I’d be willing to bet that she got quiet advice to take one of many off ramps that were available from the time this landed in front of her. Hell, she signaled outright favorable views towards Trump position PUBLICLY before anyone even appeared or filed anything in her court! Right then and there her TFS handler, maybe even with a couple of others to make the point talked to her and told her to cool her jets. She could have simply said to go to the Federal Magistrate Judge that issued the Search Warrant and washed her hands of it right away. Yes, Trump would have said mean things for a couple of days BUT they’d have had her back. She could also have, since the PRA is involved cite that law and as it requires send the case to DC. That would have prompted a bigger fuss from Trump but it would long since be over.

        I think that’s what they tried to get her to do. Then there were those WTF? filings/arguments Trump’s lawyers actually made, and rather than properly ruling they didn’t hold legal water dismissed their motion. Instead she went and did their work for them! At that point TFS, realizing that more and more THEY would be noted as having groomed this judge and submitted her name to Trump were freaking the fuck out. I think you’d agree that this is NOT a hill they want one of their young, young appointees to stand and fight & die on, and drag their fascist organization up there with her to suffer wounds. The thing is, they didn’t do their homework with her. One of their big things has been to avoid another David Souter thing, and make sure not only would their judges rule they way they want but just as importantly NOT go off into WTF? land and call lots of negative attention to themselves and ultimately to The Federalist Society! They created a monster they thought they could control. Hell, even DOJ tried to give her an off ramp and TFS has to be horrified tonight she said “Nope. I’m all in on protecting Trump and will make up any legal sounding bullshit it takes to protect him for as long as possible.” When this gets appealed it’s a toss-up on whether they slap her down but even if they do Trump will appeal to SCOTUS and Roberts has to be sick inside. Everyone but Thomas will wind up slapping this judge and Trump down and hard. Those GOP appointees, all hard-core Federalist Society groomed don’t want this flaming bag of shit anywhere near them.

        I do hope TFS has some leverage. She did after all get rammed through in a lame duck session after the election so it’s possible and if so you’re exactly right. They will force her to resign. It will be tougher now than it would have been because had she initially given Trump some of what legally he didn’t deserve she’d have made her big MAGA splash that could have been parlayed into a much better paying gig on Fox who’d probably like to replace “Judge Jeanine” before long. But noooooooooo. Cannon had to keep doubling down. Now even some quiet undeserved partnership at a rich GOP law firm that would pay her well to stay out of sight and collect her money is GONE. So they will need some true leverage. Let’s hope they’ve got it and your prediction of her being gone from the bench in a year turns out to be the case.

    • Once again using derogatory terms for female tanatomy to denounce a (reprehensible) woman. Surely you have a better grasp of language an can find more acceptable epithets. Spike, please stop!

  3. Consider how you react this completely anticipated turn of events a test. It has only one question: have you learned ANY useful lessons from watching Trump and the MAGA cult? If you are panicking, you are failing the test. If you are grousing on forums like this with no meaningful follow-up for the midterms (less than 60 days now!), you are failing. If you are failing to notice that Trump is in a tizzy because this case is neither the beginning nor the end of his troubles, you…are…FAILING!

    Choose wisely.

  4. Is there any way this so called judge can be removed once the dust settles? She doesn’t care about national security, only protecting her criminal benefactor.

  5. This SKANK judge has eyes for a seat on the NOT Supreme Court! Demand reforms of our laws! NO MORE LIFE TIME JUDGES! term limit them age limit them and that goes for our not so great politicians as well. When either of these so called intellectuals screw up fire them!If you or me screwed up where we work we would be handed our walking papers that day so why do these assholes get a pass? DEMAND REFORM! How can anyone in their 70s 80s or even 90s be in tune with modern day life? Our politicians who are of those years remember their lives when they were young which no longer applicable and they try and turn back the clock to their former glory days! Make examples out of the clown politicians like rick scott MISS lindsey geatz greene and the 25 more assholes demand supreme court judges be removed when they are caught lying like thomas roberts kavanuagh, gorsuch and most of all acb! they all swore under oath that Roe would stand………………………it fell! Moscow mitch bending law to his desires was a joke! gorsuch and acb have no business on the bench had the LAWS HAVE BEEN FOLLOWED we might have a court that showed a bit more fairness!


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