Trivia quiz: did anybody know that Fox News blared from television sets in the nation’s capitol? I, for one, did not. Democrat Bill Pascrell of New Jersey is aware and moreover he’s fed up.

He wrote a letter to Kevin McCarthy, at whose direction the TV sets were tuned to Fox.

One would think that McCarthy would have had the sense God gave a goat and in light of recent developments, that a congressional aide would have been told to change the channel. But it must have slipped Kev’s mind.

It’s still difficult to read, but if you increase the size of the screen and get a magnifying glass you should be able to make it out.

I find it intriguing that prior to McCarthy getting the gavel, the public television sets were set on a handful of different stations. When McCarthy took over he used the power of his office to tune them all to Fox News.

Personally, I think the sets should be set on C-Span. Although, admittedly, nowadays and especially when Boebert or Greene are speaking, it’s frequently indistinguishable from the Cartoon Channel.


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    • That’s it. The telescreens are on, State TV is blaring and then if Trump was in office, we would have the official Two-Minute Hate on a regular basis — and be lucky if it only lasted two minutes per episode.

  1. For years, even before Trump it was common for TVs at VA Hospitals to be tuned to Fox. I do recall a point during a series of counseling appts. when that changed (thankfully) and was told there were complaints and at least in the Mental Health suite they went with some bland channel that didn’t have much of anything worth watching. Dr. T said some people complained about the switch and others like me were wondering what took so long, but what was really interesting was him saying the staff were happy about the change because they no longer had to deal with arguments sometimes breaking out among folks in the waiting room. (Over the bullshit spewing from Fox)

  2. The same thing was the norm at Planet Fitness. No msnbc, just faux ‘news’. I got into a few…er discussions when, in the midst of running I would talk to myself over some bullshit being propagated. The cult members don’t like hearing the truth, but I was like quicksand…fuck with me and the more you support lies, the deeper you sink into facts. They usually moved away. I wouldnt cross the street to take a piss at planet fitness, since the owners support fascism. The outdoors is free. Talk about snowflakes. Having a nazi supporting network in our capital is an affront to all the families who have sacrificed loved ones protecting democracy. Kevin should be strung up by his testicles. If there were any justice he’d be on trial for sedition.

  3. I lived in Alaska for 4 years in the 2000’s. Fox was on EVERY public television – sports bars, liquor stores, the airport! They were on 24/7. Between Fox and the oil profits that every Alaskan benefits from, they’ll never be anything but red. Remember the old once patriotic saying “I’d rather be dead than red”? Little did we know that the GOP’s red would become all about loving Putin and Russia.


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