Conservative firetwig Ben Shapiro, famous for his vacuous takes on all things political, writing some of the worst fiction ever to disgrace the pages of a book, and his complete inability to arouse women, early this morning grappled with Twitter to awkwardly commend President Biden for droning 9-11 mastermind Ayman Al-Zawahri to an ignominious end in Kabul, whilst simultaneously trashing him for the long overdue withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

Of course he did.

Below are some of my favorite responses to his fallacious tweet.

Starting with bad faith always works for Ben.


And probably burying a buttload of evidence of his crimes in her coffin.




And a dog and pony show and one of those guys who sweep up after the elephants…

But that doesn’t pay the bills, Mike.
Gotta pay those bills.


Say goodnight, Ben.

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  1. Republicans have proven over decades to be much better at messaging so to get and keep power they shit in regular folks lives and smear it all over the place – and convince regular people it was Democrats that covered their lives in shit.

    Worse, when Democrats clean up the shit Republicans turn right around and claim credit while simultaneously complaining about Democrat’s “disrupting” things while the cleaning crew is at work – and whining that now they have to smear shit all over everything again!

    • Pull back the lens of your camera, Denis. That time has passed…along with nearly all of the GOP leadership structure. Twits like Shapiro aspire to be more but barely have the skills to be followers. And folks are onto them.

  2. Eff that camp follower and his idiocy. He reminds of a cut lizard’s tail, twitching out of reflex because it has yet to figure out it’s been separated from the rest. So it is with Shapiro’s crew and mainstream America.

  3. Had this occurred during a ‘pube administration this clown would have had nothing but praise for such an action. ‘pube hypocrisy, be it ‘pube pol or ‘pube supporter, knows no bounds.

  4. I guess Mr. Shapiro has not yet gotten the message that the Christofascist party does not want his kind (Jewish) around. He must be a masochist to want to belong to a party that wants to see him shunned. Maybe he should call the Log Cabin Rethugs to find out how they do it – support a party that is anti-gay.

  5. Since I am a Shapiro, I’m really embarrassed that Ben happens to be a very distant relative via DNA. He’s a disgrace to the Shapiro line.


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