People are placing bets on this right now: whether Donald Trump will show up in three days to debate Joe Biden or whether he’s going to bail. Yes, the optics of him bailing are going to be horrific but nothing like the optics will be when he shows up and falls resoundingly on his butt. So which is the lesser of two evils? I say he’ll cancel. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. Here’s Steve Bannon attempting to set up the cancellation as a “moral” result if the grave injustice to Karoline Leavitt isn’t redressed. Whut? Oh, a CNN host cut her mic. So this is being characterized as so horrific in nature that only an apology will do. Otherwise, Trump will bail because nobody can talk to one of his highly placed campaign people that way, no Siree.

Pretty weak tea, yes I know. But here is the Great Orange One doing absolutely nothing to prepare for the debate.

Here’s the reality of the situation:

  1. Trump is making zero effort to prepare for the debate;
  2. He doesn’t want to debate;
  3. Truth be known, he doesn’t really want to run for president again. It’s just that grifting from the MAGAs is his only source of income these days;
  4. He’s probably going to let his campaign decide what to do;
  5. This is what his campaign has decided to do. They’re going to take him out of the debate before he gets on stage and looks absolutely horrible.

That’s another possibility, that he shows up and then decides to leave early. Again, I’m sticking by my initial assessment, that he won’t show up. And if he does show up, he may leave early. And I definitely would not look for Melania to accompany him. On that you may be certain.

The New Republic:

Trump and his allies have already made plenty of excuses to try and either weasel out of the two scheduled debates with Biden, or make excuses for his possible poor showing. The former president and convicted felon has tried to push a third debate on his own to give himself an out when it wouldn’t be accepted by the Biden campaign.

Trump’s friend Sean Hannity has floated that Trump shouldn’t take part in any debates until he formally secures the Republican nomination. Trump himself has pushed the idea that Biden will be drugged up to perform well during the debates multiple times, with Hannity and Rep. Ronny Jackson echoing this conspiracy theory. Now Bannon is insinuating that CNN won’t be fair to Trump because they have criticized him in the past, and is giving Trump an out, even though Biden and Trump both agreed to the terms of the debate last month.

Bannon should maybe be more worried about his impending four-month prison sentence, which he has bitterly fought and is now trying to weasel out of with a desperate appeal to the Supreme Court. If it goes the way MAGA fellow traveler Peter Navarro’s Supreme Court appeal went, Bannon will end up trying to figure out if he can record his show from a prison like Rikers Island.

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    • This is all getting truly strange. Ronny Jackson wants Biden to submit a drug test. And if Biden tests clean, then what? Jackson will provide one for Trump? As if anybody would trust his judgement? Or is that the gag, Jackson is the only doctor who will cover for Trump?

  1. If he’s a no-show CNN should go ahead with the debate and show the empty podium each time it’s trump’s turn. Biden gets the free air-time and wins by default. Wouldn’t that get them howling?

    • Or just screw the debate and let President Biden have that air-time to tell the country just what a fuck-up Von Shitzinpants is. Free air time for, what, 90 minutes? Sweet. Doesn’t make up for all the free campaign ads the msm gives him and has given him since ’15 but it’s still not bad.

      • Nope, not 90 minutes!!! What are you smokin’? Old Biden only gets 45 minutes,, even if I’m not there!!! I’m telling you, those CNN dimwitz keep rigging the debate, so bad I should get a REbate from the DEbate. My MAGA faithful understand that this whole system is rigged and rotten in failing America, only I can fix it. Rigged debate….
        — Donald J. Trump (Bullshit Social)

    • I agree! That’s what I was going to suggest: If he bails, leaves early, etc., that CNN interview President Biden for the full time allotted. Show the empty podium or not. Just let the President get some free air time for bragging rights for all his accomplishments that have been thus far buried by the media. List everything he has done, compare himself to the orange menace, and just let him answer questions truthfully with no threat of orange one walking up behind him and breathing down his neck like he did to Hillary Clinton!

  2. I’m sorry but does anyone pay attention to what bannon-bitch has to say? I’m not even sure if Von Shitzinpants does f.f.s. Oh, and incidentally, isn’t he supposed to be in the pokey right now? when does he get to do that special walk thru the prison facility–you’ve seen it; when every starts spitting on the prisoner and telling them just how it’s going to be when they get butt-f*cked three times a day and four on sunday.


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