Former FBI Special Agent and Lawyer Asha Rangappa speculates on Twitter that TFG may well have an insanity get out of jail free card up his sleeve after observing his looney-tunes legal maneuvering this past week:

As much as I, a foolish old man who worships Asha from afar, am loathe to disagree with with her, I don’t think asshole should be able to escape justice with such a defense, even though I also believe that the coward would sit in the dock and eat his own excrement if he finally perceives that prosecutors are serious about locking him into a small cement room.

What does the Rolling Stone article she cites have to say?

“IN THE WEEKS after the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid, former President Donald Trump repeatedly made a simple-sounding but extraordinary ask: he wanted his lawyers to get “my documents” back from federal law enforcement.

Trump wasn’t merely referring to the alleged trove of attorney-client material that he insists was scooped up by the feds during the raid, two people familiar with the matter tell Rolling Stone. The ex-president has been demanding that his team find a way to recover “all” of the official documents that Trump has long referred to as “mine” — including the highly sensitive and top secret ones.

Sources close to Trump agree with outside legal experts that such a sweeping legal maneuver would be a long-shot, at best. “I hate to break it to the [former] president, but I do not think he is going to get all [the] top-secret documents back,” says one Trump adviser. “That ship has probably sailed.”

No, Asha, these are not the actions of an insane person, but the petulant demands of a man-child whose life of entitlement, lawlessness and lack of consequences have convinced him that he can get what he wants with enough whining, demanding and stamping of his feet.

But your followers are probably pretty smart, Asha, what do they have to say?

Right on, Jeanine.


Push comes to shove…




My bottom line, dear Asha?

Lock him up crazy or not.

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  1. Don’t forget he’s a stable genius and he knows words like person, woman, man, camera, TV.
    He also knows the difference between a lion, a rhinoceros and a camel (before Baby Donny and Earache went and shot them)

  2. Well, this is one way to keep him out of prison. Keeps him locked up too. Win-win.

    I can’t see him allowing his attorneys to use this kind of defense. I mean, he knows all about nuclear because his uncle was a physicist.

  3. Asha Rangappa: “I’m just trying to understand how his lawyers haven’t gotten through to him”

    Perhaps because they know he’s not going to pay them any mind since Trump knows everything. They probably hope they’ll get SOME kind of payment from him and if they argue with him about anything, it’s likely they’ll get fired and they already know what happens to people who’ve been stiffed by Trump.

  4. If Trump had the mental faculties to sift through the documents and decide what to release and what to keep, then he has the mental faculties to stand trial for it.

  5. Just because he is nuttier than a fruitcake doesn’t necessarily mean he is insane in the legal sense. Don’ we still go by something very like the M’Naughton rules? Canbeing delusional in thinking that government property actually belongs to you – does that constitute not lnowiing the difference between right and wrong? Possibly – but he still needs to be locked up.


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