Two things going on here: We live in a world of disinformation and trolling. That’s a given. People who lack the discernment to check things out and get the story straight are going to be living in a distorted world of lies. That is unfortunately the case with a lot of people. They can’t bother to check things out.

To that end, there is a Twitter parody account, clearly marked as such, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Press Release (parody), which is driving right-wingers nuts. Why it should, when it is clearly marked, is the real joke here.

And it doesn’t help matters that it has a blue check by it. Elon Musk did far more harm than good when he started charging money for the blue checks. Now they mean the direct opposite of what they used to mean. They used to mean that the source was a verified one and the blue check was a badge of credibility and stature. I was looking forward to getting one myself. Now, it means that anything goes and the blue check signifies somebody who is willing to pay for one, period.

Here’s a MAGA with 87.9 thousand followers and he bought it, initially. I do give him credit for checking, most of them don’t.

Amazing how gullible people are. But it shouldn’t be. These are the people who believe Donald Trump is a great man and their savior. Ergo, they will absolutely believe the moon is made out of cheese and asteroids are crackers and we should all have a cocktail party on Jupiter. Why not? I wonder if the founding fathers ever foresaw a time in the future when people would be so stupid? Or, maybe it’s not stupidity. Maybe it’s that there’s such a bandwidth of information that a lot of people can’t take it in, so they just decide what little to take in that fits their biases and stop there. Perhaps that’s it.

Here’s another one. I guess the right-wing will get up in arms about it soon enough.

Now here’s a statement of wisdom.

It’s entertainment to them. And I had a Trump voter tell me that, “Trump is so funny.” Bread and circus. And Trump promises them that. He’s going to make Freedom Cities with flying cars. They love to listen to all this blather.

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  1. I’m half tempted to start my own parody account with breathless posts like “Trump buys Kefirstan, launches campaign from there!”

    “Invest in Kefirstan to support Trump. Your Trump dollars will go twice as far!”

    But nah, I’m not willing to wade into that swamp.

  2. Concinnity, I wouldn’t want those illgotten gains, but it would be awesome to redirect them to dem campaigns. But it would be wrong. 🤭


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