Is it time to call the Men in Black? Anybody? I mean, look at this, three UFOs shot down in one week. C’mon man, as Uncle Joe is wont to say, what’s up with that?

Or, do the Chinese have a dispenser of UFOs, kind of like a giant tennis ball machine, you know, the kind that pivot and spit out a ball and then pivot and spit out another ball and you chase them to get in shape for a match?

Or, maybe, just maybe, there’s a BIG balloon out there, as big as the moon, maybe and it could be hiding behind the moon even, and it’s sending out little balloons until it reveals itself as the Mother Balloon?

Not too easy to see, was it?

Here is Canada’s Prime Minister to tell the tale.

And maybe it’s time to hoard toilet paper again.

Wait a minute, now. Here’s some breaking photography. This may reveal something.

Is that a duck that’s the size of a pterodactyl with a MAGA on top of it, or what? I’ll tell you, flying the friendly skies ain’t so friendly anymore. I think I’ll just drive.

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  1. I still think it’s china seeing just how little it takes for the U.S. to lose its shit and nothing more. Satellites are what’s used for this type of spying, not fucking balloons–plausible deniability folks. If it’s a satellite you can’t really say with any certainty it is a spy satellite and more to the point all countries with anything at all on the ball in satellite tech have them aimed at wherever the fuck they think they need them.

    Still, it is rather telling that at least three of these things were left alone by the mango moron’s administration, or at least he was not informed they existed, and both of the ones coming over our borders while Biden is prez were taken out by this admin. But yeah, keep lying about how much “safer” we were when the idiot was in office.

    • there are some advantages to balloons over satellites, such as hover time over a given object of interest, and China has in fact been using them extensively all over the world for at least the last decade or more.

  2. When you look at some (way too many!) Republicans it’s hard not to wonder if Sci-Fi became reality and they really are alien Pod People. So yeah, there are probably pissed off aliens. Trump left their shit floating overhead alone. Biden is shooting it down. What’s a GOP Pod Person to do except howl in protest?

  3. Since the “aliens” got the flash from the first atomic explosion in Los Alamos and UFOed to Earth a couple of years later not far from Area 51 to check us out we are under their observation. Maybe they help us with the climate crisis because they want to see us around or maybe they’ll take over after we are gone.

    Just saying.


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