New York is being herself tonight, which is squarely poised on the cultural cutting edge and telling it like it is. Donald Trump is loathed in New York, so I found it a bit surprising that the Republican Accountability Project decided to put the billboard there. It struck me as overkill, because one thing I can say with assurance, our New York brethren got Trump’s number long before the rest of us did. So in a sense, the effort is wasted. But on another level, New York is the crossroads of the world and anything in Times Square is something that is seen by millions, from all over the globe.

And the Republican Accountability Project hasn’t stopped there. Here’s an ad that they’re placing in other markets besides New York, namely Phoenix, Atlanta and Milwaukee. And the beauty is that the ads will run on Fox News.

The amazing thing happening here is the schism in the GOP. You saw earlier today how Brian Kemp took a stance and said as long as he was governor of Georgia that the rule of law and the Constitution would be adhered to. Shortly afterwards he was called “communist trash” and other epithets.

As of right now, today, if the GOP primary was held, Trump would win — according to all the polls. But it’s a long way to January, 2024 and the beginning of the caucuses. How we can have this schizoid campaign going on is flabbergasting. How can this man actually have four indictments against him and be already scheduled for two trials, one to begin in Manhattan October 2, and another to begin March 4, 2024, and still keep his lead in the polls, like nothing was happening?

This is a moment in history that political scientists will ponder for the rest of the time America exists. Democracy took a bizarre turn in 2016 and ended up in this cul de sac, where we just can’t seem to get turned around and get back on track. At least the GOP can’t, and since it takes two functioning political parties to tango, we’re all at an impasse.

Last month a Pew Research Poll showed Trump at 63% unfavorability. I can’t see that increasing as the wheels of justice keep turning this fall and next year — except of course among the hard core MAGAs.

We will live and learn. That is the only certainty. We will see what happens. My only worry for 2024 is if No Labels gets rolling and bleeds off votes from Joe Biden, but unless that happens, if it’s just a Trump/Biden showdown, I feel certain our president can get reelected. I also feel certain that 2024 will be a replay of 2018, 2020, and 2022 with a lot of GOP losses.

Until the GOP can quit Trump, they are going to keep losing. That is the considered opinion of a lot of Republicans and you know their names as well as I do, Chris Sununu, Geoff Duncan, Will Hurd, Denver Riggleman, we could go on. And don’t forget Rupert Murdoch. He sees the handwriting on the wall.

The Trash TV Titan is still ruining our politics but I have to believe that 2024 will finish him. It will be epic.


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  1. This will be seriously humiliating to Trump. His delusions of grandeur included him being THE guy in NYC, the “Master” of all the “Masters of the Universe” that inspired some weird mix of adoration, envy, and among those who might dare think they should be THE ONE fear of anyone knowing they even had such “heretical” thoughts. It killed him inside to know that among the movers & shakers and NYC’s high society he was never really accepted as one of them. That he was only tolerated at the table. Sometimes. But, he vowed someday the time would come when ALL of them would one day beg to kiss his ring, and beg for his forgiveness for not having recognized him as the “greatest of the great EVER and for all time to come.” Yep, this is a massive humilation for Trump. I look forward to more on that famous screen. Oh if only Trump were to be forced to trial in GA this fall with cameras in the courtroom. Wouldn’t it be delicious to see a mashup of his reactions to damaging testimony/moments in court at the end of any given day?

    • Nobody in NYC liked him. I lived there in his heyday in the 80s. He was considered arrogant and stupid and a racist pig who manhandled women. I turned down two.chances to.try modeling because you were expected to “accommodate” VIPs at clubs. I really didn’t want my husband to go to jail for breaking someone’s hand if they played grab@$$ — The Donald was specifically mentioned as of the worst offenders.
      Old money regarded him as dirt. Working class people thought of him as a guy you you didn’t want to leave alone in a room.with your teenage daughter.
      Despicable Donald.

  2. You all worry about no labels bleeding off votes from President Biden but won’t they also bleed off non-magat votes from trump as well? There will be republican voters who will hold their noses and vote for trump because he’s the nominee unless there is an alternative to the democrats (there are hard-core ‘pubes who don’t like trump).

  3. 91 felonies! Remember those are just the obvious ones he’s been charged with. No one knows how many crimes he’s walked on. I’m waiting for the number someday to get to the famous 60s song 96 Tears!!! Cry cry cry…96 tears! I guess the MAGA crowd will have to pitch in the other five. Sorry, I’m wrong…Given the two ‘tough’ proud boys just cried in court, We’re down to three!


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