Associate Justice Amy Comey Barrett, whom drumpf Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany once called a “Rhodes Scholar” because she attended Rhodes College in Memphis Tennessee, really wowed the crowd at this week’s Federalist Society dinner honoring four of the five SCOTUS Judges who dismantled Rove V. Wade and ended 50 years of womens’ access to abortion care…eliciting much applause and laughter as she commented…

“It’s really nice to have a lot of noise made, but not by protestors outside my house…”

Because, you know, mocking the representatives of millions of women adversely affected by the decision of five stuck-in-the-nineteenth-century holy rollers is just so much darn fun.


“Trump-appointed Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett really stirred the crowd when she kicked off a speech with a crack about the abortion rights protesters who demonstrated outside her house…

…Barrett spoke at the Federalist Society’s annual convention this week, its first since achieving the long-held goal of overturning Roe, a feat in which they were instrumental by promoting judges like Barrett for seats on the high court.

Justice Barrett received a hero’s ovation as she began her speech, and couldn’t resist taking a dig at protesters.

“It’s really nice to have a lot of noise made, but not by protestors outside my house,” Barrett said, to even more thunderous applause.”

Personally, I would be very happy to see the lot of them choke on their Prime Rib, or whatever was on the menu, as they erupted into guffaws as they chewed.

I hope the arseholes also enjoyed Tuesday’s election.

“Justice Samuel Alito, also part of that 5-4 majority, received a standing ovation at the convention as well.”

Of course he did. Probably got a fat envelope passes to him underneath the gorging table too…

Twitter was just as pissed as I was watching this:


I’ll second that.





You are not alone, Mindy.

I suppose the Federalists will throw them a ticker tape parade once they’ve neutered the EPA, further restricted voting rights and made it possible for GOP legislatures to impose Presidents upon us.

I am gaining a greater appreciation for 19th century anarchists these days.

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  1. They…haven’t figured it out yet, have they? By bringing the abortion shell game to an end, they’ve directly threatened everything they worked for.

    • 18thc anarchists from.France during the Reign of Terror. I feel a certain sympathy for Madame deaths and the other tricoteuses. Sadly, I cannot knit. Will crocheting do?

  2. Maybe some of those protestors can show up outside her home again and REALLY let her know what they think of her and the other SCOTUS “Back to the Middle Ages, It Is” group.

    Shouts of “Murderer!” and “What will your daughter do when her rapist demands paternity rights” and “Nazis opposed abortion too” probably won’t do much (GOPtards don’t really get the idea of shame when it applies to them) but the protestors will make their point.

    • Just like following the law, breeding is for thee. If you were expecting anything other than hypocrisy from the vagina, you’re pretty silly.

  3. Hope the vagina that replaced the Mighty R.B.G. thinks it’s a real hoot when we impeach her lying good buddies–thomas, gorsuch, and beer-bong. Come to think of it, didn’t the vagina lie during her hearing also? It’d be nice to take care of all of them all at once-saves time and removes the filth, I mean the political hacks.

    • You DO understand that the only way to REMOVE a Supreme Court justice via impeachment is TWO-THIRDS OF THE SENATORS PRESENT AND VOTING to vote “guilty?”

      Do you really think any of the folks who voted to put her and the others on the bench in the first place will vote guilty *just* because they lied in their hearings?

  4. I am just letting the feeling of relief really taking over. The type of candidates being run by the Republicans could have put democracy in our country to an end and thank all that be, it did not happen. The young people came out in many states and literally saved the day. If Justice Amy hasn’t gotten the memo yet, let me tell you that the youth turn out this time is nothing like what we will see in the next election. I am in Texas where the red powers that be are continuing their gloating. But…. we have one of the most draconian abortion laws in the country. In 2 years time even here in Texas, the young will be forced to see what this really means. I am afraid that young women and even girls will lose their lives due to our legal situation in regards to abortion. In 2 years, we will see a true blue wave.

    • There’s likely to be a whole new dimension to this. I’ve long said, and more times than I can remember to all kinds of folk but in very blunt terms to GUYS that it’s about more than abortion. They might figure they can find a work around to child support, but these RWNJ zealots have had getting rid of all presecription birth control as a goal! The Pill, IUDs and so on are what they call abortitifaciants and there are other SCOTUS precedents they want the Court to roll back. And we know there are some on the Court eager to do just that. They have cases in the pipeline, and may well figure it’s now or never. Outlaw birth control, and it won’t just be Gen Z but every person/couple of baby-making age that relies on it being up in arms. And guys will join women in punishing the GOP because guys in general hate using condoms!


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