I guess when you’re not actually losing a case for Donald Trump, your retainer goes towards making right-wing media appearances regarding the cases that other Trump lawyers are losing. In any event, Alina Habba was on Fox News and she was explaining to Harris Faulkner how Justice Juan Merchan was screwing up, bigly. To the rubes who listen to Fox News, this is no doubt plausible. To any normal member of the legal community or to any normal minded person with common sense, it is a screaming joke.

Do you like the part where “no one is above the law,” which is the central doctrine of our democratic way of life, is deemed “a stupid little catch phrase?” Wow. Coming from somebody with a license to practice law, an actual officer of the court, that is nothing short of horrifying. And of course they immediately jumped to their own catch phrase, “Hunter Biden!” As in laptop!! Oh yes! The ultimate panacea! The universal anodyne, guaranteed to sooth and cure whatever ails you! Hunter Biden! And his magical laptop!

I wonder if the laptop helps Hunter travel through time, like the DeLorean in the Back To The Future movies? This is one hell of a laptop. I’ll bet if the laptop I’m using right now could speak, it would wish to be Hunter Biden’s laptop. Anybody know what make or model Hunter’s unit is? Sony? HP? Dell?

And then these two great legal minds decided that it is “fatal error” to have not sequestered the jury. If it is fatal error, then your dreams will come true, Alina. The case will automatically be appealable. That’s what “fatal error” usually translates as, an error during a trial, which is so egregious that it constitutes reversible error and a mistrial is a virtual certainty. So, we’ll wait and see that be declared. I, for one, am not holding my breath.

But let’s see this for what it is. This is an acting performance and both of these players know exactly what their jobs are. They’re there to proselytize the propaganda of the day. And their job is to sound like they know what they’re talking about (to the uninitiated and the stupid, obviously.) And they know it’s drivel.

I would give anything to be a fly on the wall when they’re both getting drunk somewhere and shittalking Trump, or Fox News, or whomever. I’m sure that’s a part of this scene and one that will come out many years from now. But for now, we see and hear what Trump and Murdoch pay to be on the airwaves.

It’s a long long way from May to November, but not as long as you think. These bimbos, Habba, at least, may be looking for work elsewhere. I’m actually glad that Trump is having rallies. Because each little rally he has, and little is an accurate descriptor, and each big lie which is told about said little rally afterwards, is a clear indicator that he’s falling on his ass.

And yes, the polls say Trump is killing it. Great. The polls said Hillary was going to win in a landslide in 2016. What is truly comical is that maybe the MAGAs will be shell shocked like we were come this November. It would be karmically fitting.

If there is one prediction I feel completely safe in making, it is that after this election the industry of scientific polling is in for a major overhaul.

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  1. Pretty funny because fatal errors will be what destroyed her career as an attorney. Or is it unbelievable stupidity? Either way, her legal career is toast after displaying to the world such piss-poor performances in court. When you’re so freaking bad at being an attorney that Von Shitsinpants replaces you, that’s pretty damned bad.

  2. I’m just wondering when she’s going to start this ‘faking smart’ thing she mentioned?

    Isn’t she leaving it a bit late?



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