I wonder what the shelf life is for this particular right-wing clown? Nick Fuentes hit his zenith (or nadir, depending upon your vantage point) when he feasted with Kanye West and Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

Since then, he’s been denied entry to CPAC and a lot of the old gang doesn’t hang with him anymore.

So I guess it makes sense that he figures he has to demean the female gender worse than he has, in order to get some attention. I wonder how long this will last and when he’ll have to go out into the world and get a real job?

Do you love it? Women are “intrigued” by him, but have to keep it a secret for some unknown reason. He’s really a babe magnet, but for reasons which women keep to themselves, no woman wants to go near him. Okay doke.

Maybe this will be Fuente’s job the rest of his life, the Incel’s Incel, telling them what’s wrong with the world, while the rest of the world goes on to fall in love and enjoy life. And these doofuses sit alone in the dark and whack off.

The guy lasted one day on Twitter, folks. Even Elon Musk thinks he’s full of it.

It will be interesting to see where Fuentes winds up. I hope that he has taken whatever money he’s made and invested it. I don’t think there’s much of a career here. His future, as I can gather, is with the Incel, conspiracy theory crowd over on Bitchute and other such dark places.

Or, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe misogyny, racism and hate mongering are so in style that he’ll be living next to Trump in Palm Beach, soon. If his recent excommunication from CPAC is any indicator, I don’t think so.

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    • I’ll tell you exactly why I disagree with that. I was unconscious as to what the right-wing was doing prior to 2016. After 2016 I saw a lot of clips and I realized that this was going on in this country. I just want to make sure we don’t get fooled again, as the song goes.

    • This slimebag is way beyond just stupid, e.z. He’s deranged and evil and is determined to influence other sad lonely frustrated young males to be just like him. We need to shine a big bright spotlight on him, as a warning of what lurks out there in Incel-land.
      PS. If, as I suspect, he’d love to be raped and have the shit beaten out of him, I’d volunteer for the beating part.

  1. Disagree ez. This nazi has had the platform to spread his evil. I don’t think women should take it without slapping his ass around. Maybe he’s the one asking for it.

  2. fuentes needs to spout that idiocy to my sister’s face. She will show just who enjoys getting the shit beat out of them and that person’s patronymic begins with f, has uente in the middle, and ends with s. what a fucking moron. Guessing he’s not getting laid anytime soon. lmao


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