You know, for more than six long years now, ever since Trump sewed up the GOP nomination in 2016, there has been one pretty constant undercurrent of the Trump Era. I’ve always called it Trump vs the GOP.

And there’s a good reason why the undercurrent has been so strong for so long. Because there was always ample fuel to keep the fires burning. First there were the Never Trumpers. They fought him tooth and nail from inside the party. Then there were the mass defections of long time GOP operatives, strategists, and donors, all becoming either Democratic or Independent. And then along to the New York Times came Anonymous, along with his group Invisible, actual Trump appointees, working secretly in the administration to thwart Traitor Tot’s more insane plans and agendas.

And for dessert, and by far the largest thorn in Trump’s side, The Lincoln Project. These are all former high ranking GOP strategists, the kind of nut kneeing operatives that gave Democratic campaigns nightmares wherever they went. They turned their talents against Trump, and the takedown was brutal. And so, for 6 long years, it’s been Trump vs the GOP.

But what we’re seeing now is worse, much worse. For all of my musings about whether the GOP was turning against Trump, or whether the RNC was turning against Trump, or even if GOP voters were turning against Trump, I never thought I would see this day. Because only an ultimately selfish, egotistical, self centered fuck like Trump could put the GOP caucus at war with the RNC! And that’s exactly what we now have.

For anybody who actually listened to GOP Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s remarks after the GOP Senate caucus lunch today, he couldn’t have been more blunt. He totally lambasted the RNC’s assertion of legitimate political discourse, once again accurately describing January 6th as a bloody insurrection against the government, in order to overturn a legitimate election. And then he went for the kill shot, basically telling Ronna Romney McDaniel and the RNC to sit back, collect the donations, spend the money, and shut up and stay out of politics! 

Other GOP Senators almost gleefully piled on like a fumble at the 2 yard line. Senator Mitt Romney even called his niece, which must have been awkward, since she dropped her surname to please Trump to get the RNC Chair, and basically called her an idiot for even bringing the censure resolution to the floor for a vote in the first place. Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski also flamed the wording of the resolution, and squared the record on what 1/6 was.

Actually, it was McConnell himself that clarified the issue at hand in his remarks. If you weren’t paying close attention, or didn’t catch his drift, you wouldn’t know. But I caught it, and it sang like an aria to me, especially since I have written on the subject at least three times previously in depth. McConnell’s objection to the RNC’s censure was simple, It is the RNC’s responsibility to support all of its caucus members, even those with dissenting views from the majority of the party.

No shit, Sherlock. McConnell must read me, or at least the past polling data. I have written on at least three separate occasions that the only reason that the Democrats don’t have a 40 seat majority in the House right now, is because in 2020, white suburban women and their spouses, as well as weak GOP voters, went home to the down ballot GOP candidates, while voting against Trump at the top of the ballot. That is a simple, numerically provable fact. And McConnell is more than savvy enough to know that if the GOP wants to avoid a total bloodbath in 2022, they are going to need those anti Trump voters to show up and vote en masse.

Which is why, as McDaniel and the RNC skritch His Lowness’ tummy, McConnell and senior GOP Senators are taking to the airwaves to tell people to Ignore that shit. January 6th was a bloody attempted coup, engineered by Trump, but it failed, and it must never happen again. But Biden is in the White House, and we really need you guys to show up in November and give us the car keys back. Don’t worry, we’ll bring our own whiskey.

As it turns out, this is what a political party civil war looks like. It isn’t Trump voters vs anti Trump voters, instead it is senior GOP Senate incumbents, desperately trying to save their political destinies by going up against their own party hierarchy. Will it work? I don’t know, but make mine extra theater butter. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. Look for Mango Mussolini to step into this fray at one point or another. He’s too plugged into the machinery to be ignored in this instance. Also, look for anything that goes TERRIBLY wrong for the GQP within the next three years to be laid at his feet.

    • But that likely won’t help him…The majority of the Senate can read the tea leaves, and they know this strategy is disastrous for the midterms…

      • To paraphrase a Vietnamese general, while what you say is true, Murf, it’s also irrelevant to his decision-making process. Everything he’s done since his inauguration has fallen into the category of “doesn’t help him” but he will do it anyway. The GQP party fortunes are the furthest thing from his mind.

  2. Frump doesn’t analyze anything. He operates like a petulant narcissist with less insight into cause & effect than a child. It’s essentially worked because our legal system doesn’t go after the rich. Never has. The 400 million daddy stole helped grease the slide. The one instinct, he has which is correct, is there are a lot of stupid people, who weren’t born rich but have believed their birthright in America was to get rich. Given that tv & popular culture has perpetuated this myth, there are a lot of angry people looking for the reason it didn’t happen. Of course the folks that really have benefitted from this rigged economic system have every reason to lie & blame minorities, immigrants, & the poor themselves. Frump was correct in noticing if u tell a lie enough it becomes true…u know like when his parents told him they loved him.


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