Just a personal aside. Teri and I no longer really celebrate Christmas, and haven’t for years. Teri has no children, but I have 4 beautiful daughters, but when they grow up, move out and move away, how do you figure out what to buy? Especially when the standard answer to the question, What do you want for Christmas ? is greeted with, Nothing. I don’t need anything. About 10 years ago, we held a family pow-wow, and decided to stop buying presents. Now Teri and I get a family present after we get out tax return.

I laid that out for you so I could tell you that, while I no longer celebrate a commercial Christmas, I am mentally and personally celebrating Christmas this year. In my heart. Because I’m celebrating the fact that this is the last Christmas that Traitor Tot will spend without being either a criminal defendant, or a convicted criminal. Man! Talk about a reason to be jolly!

I’ll be blunt. Hell, I usually am. My guess is that Trump will be indicted in the Mar-A-Lago documents case before Valentines Day. The reasoning is simple and compelling on 2 fronts. First, as almost every legal analyst has already opined, if anybody other that The Cheeto Prophet did what he did, they would already be in a cell. Hell, there are already US citizens sitting in prison cells who committed smaller sins than Trumpenstein. Which leads to the 2nd point. Garland must indict Trump on the documents case, or set a legal precedent that A President is above the law, something Garland’s own personal and professional moral code won’t allow him to do.

Which is where timing, as well as politics come into play. Because Special Counsel Jack Smith is already moving at warp speed compared to Garland’s tortoise speed. But the documents case isn’t the only case on Smith’s plate, there’s the J6 insurrection case as well. and it is almost certain that the J6 Committee will make criminal referrals to the DOJ against Trump for his role in the revolt.

Which is where politics plays in. Smith could drag Trump out of Mar-A-Lago by his mousy orange locks tomorrow and charge him in the documents case. You have often heard me say If you take a shot at the King, it had better be a headshot. With the evidence Smith already has at hand, Trump is a trout in a bathtub. After all he’s already convicted himself from his own lips, Nobody has ever taken documents out of the White House as openly and transparently as I did. Pure bullshit, but it’s always nice when the Defendant makes your closing argument for you.

But here’s where the politics of the situation rears its ugly head. Smith can have The Mango Messiah under federal indictment tomorrow. But not on any J6 related charges. Those charges will take more time to ripen, especially after the DOJ gets all of the Committee’s records on Monday. It will take time to go through those records, collate them, combine them with the DOJ’s already existing work, and get before a grand jury with the stuff. Which. Takes. Time.

Which opens up a gap. You have all heard me talk about lacekeeper charges. You file them against a normally high profile defendant in a complex investigation, tie them up in the system for 18-24 months, while you complete the more complicated investigation, and then go back in front of the grand jury and get superseding indictments. And hammer them into the turf.

But this is Trump. And with superseding indictments, the risk that Garand is running is having the GO come out of the corner screaming that The DOJ is piling on! They’ll rant that the DOJ already has Trump under criminal indictment, but it’s a bullshit case, so now the DOJ is piling on more bullshit cases trying to get Trump on anything.

It’s all political bullshit. But Trump is all the GOP has for 2024, and they will defend him to the last cartridge to keep their base mobilized for the 2024 election .If Jack Smith can mix in just one J6 related charge in his Mar-A-Lago documents case indictments, it makes it more seamless for him to add in superseding indictments on J6 later. Trump is going down, and hard. The only questions eft is for what, and how hard. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. This is a clear case of the LAW reestablishing its reputed effort to have no one above the law, or they promote this criminal to be king, ending any hope for respect. Fact.

  2. I know this is completely irrelevant but I can only imagine just how much fun Jack Smith is at a party (that’d be not at all). Perhaps this is for the best. Still, the guy always looks like someone pissed in his Wheaties. Hopefully it means he really is pissed and needs an outlet–former guy would do nicely.


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