Most Presidents, whether they serve one term or two terms, tend to spend their last few days in a similar pursuit. And that pursuit is bestowing last minute clemency by way of pardon. All presidents do it. Usually, the shakier the pardon, the later it’s announced, to cut the flack. Clinton waited mere hours before leaving office to pardon Mark Rich.

If there’s one thing we’ve always known about Trump, it’s that he wubs him some pardons. Having people, especially celebrities like Kim Kardashian line up beg him played perfectly to his ego. And we already know that Trump loved pardons, they were the closest thing to a magic wand that he had as President.

And we all know that Trump had a last minute wish list of pardons he wanted to hand out, Thanks to the J6 committee, we have Jared Kushner’s testimony that in the days between January 6 and January 20, he was primarily occupied with trying to ram through as many last minute pardons.

But it didn’t work out that way. Thanks to reporting, and the J6 committee hearings, we already know there were some high powered names on there. His personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani literally begged for a pardon. Thanks to J6 we know that criminal lawyer John Eastman also requested one. Liz Cheney stated that Representative Scott Perry was one of several GOP incumbents who also requested pardons. Yet in the end, the highest profile pardon Trump issued was to Steve Two Shirts Bannon, whose indictment was for trying to rip off Trump supporters in a charity scam to Build the Wall!

Until now my personal feelings were that, since most of those people were seeking pardons for their part in the failed coup attempt, and it hadn’t worked, Trump took his anger and frustration out on them, by leaving them hanging. But in the last hour, on The Beat, Ari Melber and former Watergate prosecutor John Flannery laid it all in crystal clear clarity.

It was a matter of personal survival for Trump. It has long been legal precedent that requesting a pardon was an acknowledgement of guilt. And the Supreme Court put a point on it when it added that acceptance of a pardon was an admission of guilt. This is why miscreants like Eastman, Perry, and his House cohorts don’t want their names floating around out there connected to pardons.

It was John Flannery who laid out the blueprint. If the White House is going to process a pardon, one of the things they must do is to provide a detailed description of the crime(s) that are being pardoned. And that’s where it became a matter of self preservation for Traitor Tot.

Because, why were most if not all of these shitheels requesting pardons? For their likely criminal activities in attempting to overthrow the government of the United States. And the J6 committee has already shown that several of them, including Eastman and Giuliani, were dealing directly with and briefing Trump himself! If Trump issues them pardons, then he basically acknowledges his guilty knowledge that what they were doing was probably illegal. And don’t forget, a pardon would wipe out their 5th Amendments privileges to keep them from testifying against Trump.

That’s it right there. There are highly likely going to be a shitload of 3rd rate goombahs who go to trial, and probably prison because they were too stupid to build in a layer of plausible deniability for either Trump or themselves. They were all just so arrogant and cocky that they were bulletproof that they just didn’t care. And now it’s going to cost them. Serves ’em right.


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  1. Bannon was part of the “war room” at the Willard Hotel. So beyond his Build the Wall scam(for which he received a pardon), he still has some culpability for the insurrection. This contempt of congress prosecution could help him see the light. Yeah, he’d only do a year for the contempt, but he is also implicated in the war room. Does he want to roll the dice again?

  2. Also on a couple of the other MSNBC shows – it’s clear that 45 could not pardon them as all would go directly towards him. Pardon Eastman for the coup attempt? Pardon Eastman for the plan to get Grassley in place over Pence? Nope. 45 only cared about himself and all those who wanted pardons, that didn’t get them. eat shit.

  3. I think the mere fact they sought pardons points out that they knew what they did was illegal. I certainly hope the DOJ is taking note of this.

    • No question…In legal terms, they call it “Consciousness of guilt.” And the fqact that the White House accepted the requests to the list shows knowledge that the activity was illegal…



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