If you’ve been playing political bingo for a while, you probably have this on your card. From the hour that the Biden/Trump debates were set a certain number of people have been skeptical. “Nahhh, ain’t gonna happen.” The argument, and it is a sound one, is that Donald Trump will chicken out. He has to, the reasoning goes, because he cannot hold up to a factual debate. He can’t debate facts or issues, he can only mouth MAGA platitudes and complain about what a victim he is. The counter-argument, also sound, is that he can’t not debate, because it would make him look bad. MAGA is expecting some kind of a cage match between their macho hero and the allegedly emfeebled incumbent. So what is Trump to do? Here’s an indication he’s chickening out.

This is not accidental. If Hannity is prepping MAGA for a disappointment, that’s something to sit up and take notice of.

All previous televised presidential debates took place in late September or October. But the Biden team wanted to remind tuned-out Americans that there’s a presidential election this year, and that it could put Trump back in the White House. Per the New York Times:

The move was meant to jolt Americans to attention sooner than later about their consequential choice in 2024. Mr. Biden’s advisers have long believed that the dawning realization of a Trump-Biden rematch will be a balm for the president’s droopy approval ratings.

The earlier date also gives the two elderly, gaffe-prone candidates more time to recover from any debate missteps.

The reason Biden’s approval ratings are “droopy” is because the country is so polarized, not because Biden is doing anything wrong. We simply are at a pivotal time in history. The GOP is falling apart like the Whig party that preceded it fell apart in the mid-1800’s and that’s not going to change. It’s going to get worse. As the Republican party falls apart, look for more revenge geared investigations and other theatrics.

The second debate is set for September 10. Personally, I think Trump will definitely skip the June 27 debate and then will stage some kind of a reason to skip the September debate. He can’t afford to look bad and he will get creamed in a debate.

The only place Trump can function is at a MAGA rally. He cannot function in any kind of an unsheltered environment. That was the takeaway from the Libertarian Convention. They ate him alive. He was withering up there on stage.

Wait and see. Trump won’t debate this month. Then he’ll lie his way out of the other one closer to the date.

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  1. Although the debates may help president Biden more than hurt and show the convicted felon is an idiot, I could just take the vacation. Just let president Biden hit the bully pulpit over and over. Use that time to govern and visit the country… we passed the infrastructure bill!!! And they didn’t vote for it!!! Over and over… and we are pro choice…

  2. I never believed for a second he would testify in his criminal trial, show up for a debate that wasn’t run by fox news, or change any goddamn thing he does daily to steal the next election.

    • That’s exactly it. This is going to like testifying at trial. He’ll claim every intention of doing it and it will never happen.

  3. great, let Biden show up and answer questions. let an audience in and let them ask questions too. have a cardboard cutout of Trump looking dumb and for once not saying anything.

  4. How can an individual, and presumably that includes Don Don aka Sir Swollen Foot, who likes to play the victim to milk for sympathy and turn focus away from his own behaviour and shortcomings; projects so as to pin his own thoughts, feelings, traits and characteristics onto someone else; blame-shifts so as to accuse another of the very behaviours they exhibit; triangulate to create conflict and control within a, say, debating relationship; gaslight so as to make another question their own perceptions of reality, memory recall, and or sanity in order to undermine their professional and personal integrity; and humiliate and devalue another so as to boost their own toxic self-esteem and maintain an inflated sense of superiority by using language that is extremist, pointing out projected weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and or laugh at the target victim … problem is, Biden has Trump’s measure, and, in response, Don Don’s strategy will most likely materialise as a no show, and concurrently being a gutless lier … typical, eh, Sir Swollen Foot! [Oedipus (Greek: Οἰδίπους “swollen foot”]

  5. Try as he might, Von Shitzinpants cannot rattle President Biden-on or off the debate stage. This scares him in a big way. President Biden, despite his speech impediment, is calm and speaks with conviction as well as knowledge. Von Shitzinpants can do neither and on the debate stage his inability to think on his feet or speak as if he has the slightest bit of sense shines as bright as the sun. President Biden is going to wipe the floor with Von Shitzi and he knows it. And let’s face it, Von Shitzinpants is nothing if not a coward.

    His failure on the debate stage will impact him adversely but with the proper ad campaign his cowardice ought to do at least as much damage so here’s to hoping this is a win-win for President Biden. Only problem on this particular horizon is the amount of idiot voters out there with a significant portion of them being the ‘pube base. There is no getting around it-the sheer mass of stupid people could/will be our undoing. It’s difficult to put up an effective fight when you’re battling stupidity. If Bonhoeffer is correct, it is an unwinnable battle.

    • “…unwinnable battle.”

      Ah, the GOOD NEWS is that the issue is being re-framed as we speak (here).

      For awhile it was “we’ll never convince his ‘base’ so all is lost.” That has changed to “the ‘base’ is a Lost Cause, and the folks who need to be convinced are the third party and/or ain’t voting voters, and the independents.

      That change is critical and appears to be happening in a good way. Melon Felon is getting crazier, it IS being reported, finally, in MSM, needs to be done much more but is finally starting.

      Reliance on polls is drooping. And the RWNJs flamed out in Europe and India.

      Good news, keep it up. Vote Blue.

  6. There is simply no way that Trump will debate Biden, just as I knew Trump would not testify in his recent criminal trial. No way.

    • I agree. I think the only exception might be if his campaign people somehow persuade him that he can do it. Then it will be a disaster.

      • As the mule skinner,(Dustin Hoffman), said to Custer at the Little Bighorn in Little Bigman, when Custer asked him what to do: “you go on down there general”. Custer asked: so there are no Indians down there? Dustin replied: I didn’t say that. There are thousands of Indians down there and they ain’t helpless women and children like at the Washata river. They are warriors and when they get through with you there won’t be anything left but a greasy spot. So you go on down there general if you’ve got the guts. We all know Trump is a bloviating coward to his shriveled black heart. He’ll be Ferris Bueller when the teacher keeps calling his name but he’s not there.



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