What doth it profit a man if he sells his soul to Donald Trump and then Trump knifes him? I guess we’ll be able to ask Kevin McCarthy in several months if worse comes to worse and the gavel passes to the GOP.

McCarthy, as well you recall, took the proper stance on January 6, calling Trump out for inciting the riot. Then he walked that one back, jimmy pronto, and made a pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago to kiss the Tangerine Traitor’s ring and pledge his fealty.

He did it to get Trump’s endorsement. And now Trump is doing a Lucy with the football number.

And then what happens next, class? Altogether now? IT GETS WORSE! Very good. You have seen this show before.

Even the broken clock is right twice a day. We all were saying this back in the day.

it was a no brainer. This may be the faux pas that does in McCarthy. First of all, he has a very divided caucus. Secondly, Trump mentioned Jim Jordan first, so it would appear that he’s the golden boy right now. Thirdly, Trump is obsessed with the “witch hunt.” That is abundantly clear. So if he can deflect some of his angst on McCarthy and blame him, that’s what Trump will do. That’s what Trump does in these tight situations, is look for a fall guy.

Trump is going to have to build a hotel under that bus, considering all the people he’s throwing under it. Better make it a few hundred stories, or better yet a few thousand stories, going all the way down to Hell itself.


Vintage Trump. Tell McCarthy to walk away and then revile him for doing so. I love it.

As to Jim Jordan’s ascension in the party, George Clooney’s documentary about Jordan is coming out pretty soon. Let’s see what effect that has.

Trump is scared AF and things are going to get nuttier. Watch.

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  1. Yeah, we have indeed seen this movie before. Like any slasher film, it always end the same way. McCarthy is now officially toast between his weakness and lack of Trump support. Gym Jordan is being pushed because he’s been deemed controllable. The latter will be getting his soon enough.

  2. They are So alike! Gym Jordan, like Kevin McCarthy, would sell his soul for a dollar. Unfortunately no one will go that high!! Trump has no soul left to sell — just signatures on his birthday card for $75.00.

  3. Trump’s going to have to buy a new fake gold toilet – I’m sure the fingernail marks McCarthy’s leaving as he’s being flushed will be deep and wide! McCarthy knows shit. Shit the J6 Committee would love to hear him provide. Now, there are a lot of months between now and the election and McCarthy could actually lead his caucus in a revolt that would sweep them into power in November. However, that would mean taking on Trump and his minions in the GOP Caucus directly, in part by taking OUT some of those members he’s protecting! That would go down well with the voting public.

    However, McCarthy can search high and low for a donor but even if he could find one I’m sure a spine transplant is generations away from being feasible – if ever. McCarthy doesn’t have the backbone. It’s why he’s in the mess he’s in! The GOP had one last chance in the hours and days after January 6 to rid themselves of Trump. With solid leadership that they knew would have their backs and the vaunted GOP messaging machine there’d have been a few bad weeks. Maybe even a couple of months but a large portion of the burnt steak and “hamberder” shit would have been stuffed back into the Trump Goose. It defies explanation. They’d gotten what they wanted! They got their fucking judges and Justices and shaped the federal judiciary for a couple of generations. They got another round of tax cuts for the rich. They got massive deregulation and gutting of federal agencies.

    They got what they wanted from Trump!

    It’s not like his pissed off MAGAts would turn around and start voting for Democrats. Asshats so easily manipulated as to believe in Trump could with GOP messaging be, after they’d had a chance to settle down be easily convinced to come out in droves and vote against any and all Democrats. But they were such fucking cowards a handful of people yelling at some of them in airports was enough they backed down. And “they” include McCarthy in particular!

  4. McCarthy is a little piss-ant who deserves this perhaps more, at least as much, as anyone on the planet. He’s not only a piss-ant but a very stupid one at that. He has ignored every demonstration former guy has provided to the world, and him, that he does not comprehend what the word “loyalty” means.

    I must say this: should former guy support Gym for house speaker the democrats MUST make good and damned sure every single ad before the mid-terms makes it very clear what a pedophile supporter Gym has been over the years. Include the students who were on the receiving end of the molestations by the school’s doctor and make very, very, clear the world knows Gym knew what was going on and fully supported the doctor’s behavior. Don’t let this wonderful opportunity go to waste.


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