“Wipe out, hahahahahahahahaha.” — the Safaris

That shrill, high pitched whine you hear is the subtle scream of cases of ketchup bottles as they sense their collective fate. When Donald Trump gets wind of this statistic, look out. He’s going to blow a gasket, if not two or three.

Rolling Stone is reporting that 2,000 attendees at the National Pro-Life Summit cast ballots today for their favorite GOP nominee for president on the 2024 ticket and it was emphatically not Trump.

DeSantis banked more than half of the votes cast, 53.73 percent. Former President Donald Trump placed in a distant second with just 19.22 percent. His former deputy, Mike Pence — who has called often for a national ban on abortion — took home roughly eight percent. Those three were followed by former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, with 1.57 and 1.37 percent, respectively. Everyone else — Kristi Noem, Greg Abbott, Glenn Youngkin, Liz Cheney, Larry Hogan, and Tim Scott, in that order — earned less than one percent of ballots cast. About seven percent of the poll’s voters remain undecided on their preferred would-be candidate.

The results are more evidence of what has been a slow and at times bitter breakup between the former president and the anti-abortion movement that embraced his candidacy in 2016 and 2020. “There is a wide variety of candidates the pro-life movement can get behind, and that’s exactly what we intend to do,” Kristan Hawkins, the president of Students for Life, a co-sponsor of the summit, tells Rolling Stone.

Get this statistic clearly in focus and realize what it means. Trump has fallen from favor with the evangelicals and now with the pro-lifers. He cannot win without those two groups, period, full stop.

And do you know how Trump is handling this? Unbelievably, he’s dissing the anti-choicers just like he dissed the evangelicals.

Trump, for his part, has deemed it a “sign of disloyalty” that anti-abortion groups have so far failed to line up quickly behind his campaign. “Nobody has ever done more for [the] right to life than Donald Trump,” he declared during a radio appearance last week. Students for Life and Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America (SBA) are two of the prominent groups that have stayed on the sidelines so far, waiting to see which other candidates emerge — and how far those candidates are willing to go to advance the groups’ political goals.

And here is the Orange Overlord in another recent communique with these people.

I love the lame, “It wasn’t my fault.” When you’re a leader, it is your fault. The buck has to stop somewhere.

Trump has been abandoned. The bigger message here is that Trump can do television. He did television in 2016 and it was enough, because it was a fresh act. Trump can’t do politics. He can only do his shtick in a superficial sound bite, skit kind of a context. That’s all he knows. To actually create a policy and a platform is beyond him and that fact is coming home to roost.

Even Mike Pence stabbed Trump in the back on this one.

Pence, as you saw, polled at eight percent, so he’s not thrilling this group either. I wonder how long it will take Pence to fold?

This poll is food for thought. And you may be sure that Trump is choking on it right now.

I wonder if Trump will accuse DeSantis of stealing the nomination, in the event that the GOP would give DeSantis the top spot?



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  1. They got what they wanted from him and now they’re done with him – now he knows what that feels like since that’s what he does. Too bad, too sad – not.

  2. The nazis choose a nazi that runs a nazi government in the nursing home down in the swamp. Big surprise. Pence? You would have gotten more votes hanging from the scaffold.

  3. Anyone shocked by this development needs to do some serious rethinking of how the world works. Three straight election cycles down the toilet means Trump is no longer useful. I look forward to Deathsantis becoming the next Great (Sorta) White Nope.

  4. Let’s see now, the majority of the country want abortion available and want it with as few restrictions on it as possible. Naturally the ‘pubes would do the opposite. Go for it ‘pubes!

  5. There’s a delicious irony in Trump who is “transactional” to his core, who has spent a lifetime using others and tossing them aside when he’s gotten what he wanted from them and/or they are no longer useful getting it done to him. For the Forced-Birth (aka pro-life) crowd the desire for decades has been judges and justices that would one day overturn Roe, and then family planning decisions that legalized contraception. Roe has already gotten done and the cases on contraception are in the pipeline to SCOTUS. So these Christaliban fanatics (Pro-Life, Evangelical…pretty much the same people!) got what they wanted from Trump. The don’t NEED him anymore. And for leaders their alliance with him has cost them some with their youngest generation and if the teen & college age crowd indoctrination isn’t getting parked as deep as it used to be their entire empires are in trouble in the long term.

    They need a Trump without all the baggage more than any other group in the GOP. They know it. Trump knows it and most important they and Trump each know the other knows it!

    And Trump? I’d love to be a fly on the wall as he rages over having to deal with being the recipient of the “fuck em and forget em” manner in which he’s conducted his life and business.

  6. How many abortions has Fat Donnie paid for? How many basturds is he paying b
    support for? More or less,than Herschel.Walker? He is cheap, so the payoff is likely only a one-time lump sum of maybe a,couple of hundred thousand with an NDA


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