The powers of Dark Brandon are growing exponentially, radiating out from his secret ice cream stocked lair deep in the tidal marshes of Delaware, exuding out over the nation in ever more powerful tasty swirls and affecting even voting machines as far away as Maricopa County, Arizona…

Or so Kari Lake would have us believe:

Raw Story

“Failed Arizona candidate Kari Lake (R) shared a video on Tuesday suggesting that some voters may not have had their ballots counted if they were wearing a “Let’s Go Brandon” slogan.

In the video shared by Lake, a woman named Sherry claimed to have been a poll watcher in Phoenix during the recent election.

She recalled that a “young man” had his ballot rejected by a voting machine 24 times.

“Because I counted the different times he got into line going from one tabulating machine to another,” Sherry said. “Then that ballot was spoiled and he got a second ballot, got back in line and, again, I don’t know how many times — I lost count of the number of times — the times that he went back and forth in line. And finally, he had that ballot spoiled and got a provisional ballot and the same thing happened.”

Oh the foul perfidy!

A sweet, innocent young Kari Lake voter had his ballots repeatedly debauched by the evil Biden Demons residing in his voting machine as this matronly GOP election watcher watched in horror!

That some hella sophisticated software, must be Italian satellite technology.

All of the above?

Donald Cam?








Can someone tell me what is the point of this obvious horse hockey?

Is gaslighting by fairy tale gonna get Lake even an inch closer to the Governor’s mansion?

Or will it just prove that she is not a serious person and deserves to hold no public office?

Please tell me it’s the latter.

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  1. Ever heard of “No elecioneering within a hundred feet of the polls”? Wearing a political T-shirt counts as electioneering, and had I been working the polls that day, I would have either made him conceal it with a jacket or kicked him out, nicely, with instructions to come back with no slogans and he would be able to vote.

    The whole story is fishy. Scanners are good, but not good enough to detect a voter wearing electioneering clothing. That’s th poll workers’ job.

  2. What a crock.
    of course,,in 2020, police watched idly as men in camo andcflack.vests and bearing AR15s stood a,lot closer than 100feet during voting. We need a federal law banning carrying weapons within 3blocks of a,polling station and any attempt to to.influence voters. Out police there, 3 blocks away, turning away the armed wing nuts.

  3. As an election inspector, nobody gets in wearing any political attire. 911 gets them quickly removed.
    As for the tabulator, you would not believe how many people either try to put the privacy sleeve in the slot along with the ballot, or try to insert the full ballot into the small electronic ballot slot.
    4 times is the most that I have ever seen anyone spoil a ballot but they all recieved an “I Voted” sticker with a smile….

  4. Do you know what an “election observer” is? It is someone that is too stupid to be trained to use an electronic poll book.
    A dim wit or half wit, if you must know.
    That’s why they don’t trust the process and tend to not use toilet paper….


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