Environmental Activist and Social Media warrior Greta Thunberg was detained and released at the site of a proposed coal mine expansion in Germany yesterday and Ben Shapiro could not wait to make fun of video of the incident on his show, suggesting that the detention of Thunberg was staged by Greta to grow her public profile.

He was half-right, which is better than his average, in that organizers of the protest had notified the press of the event – in order to call attention to the proposed expansion and the destruction of an abandoned village in order to make way for it.

This is the way these things are often done when activists wish to call attention as Snopes.com pointed out in answering a question about the incident:

“Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg made headlines while protesting in Germany on Jan. 17, 2023, against the controversial expansion of a coal mine in the region. German police were seen in photographs and videos carrying her and standing next to her while appearing to detain her.

Many online honed in on Thunberg standing and laughing between two police officers in one of the videos, and claimed it was evidence that she had “staged her arrest.” A number of our readers also asked us to verify whether Thunberg’s “arrest” had been staged for the media…

We should note that activists often plan such sit-ins and protests as media events to publicize their cause, in full knowledge that police and media will be present — which is to say that they are, in a sense, “staged,” though any arrests or detainments that occur are no less real for their having been expected to occur. It is par for the course to expect that photographs and videos will emerge from such a protest, and that is a key part of Thunberg’s activism. In this case, the situation likely developed organically, if predictably.“

For her part, Thunberg described the incident just as it happened on Twitter, not claiming that she had been “arrested”.

(“Kettled” here refers to the police practice of herding and holding protesters to a place of their choosing.)

Now, Ben is a giant Piece of Shit but not entirely stupid, and he has to know how these things work, but still, he’s all for environmental degradation and and the money to be made from it and opposed to those who take a stand against, so he had to present Greta in a negative light to his audience of right wing nutbags.

Besides, somewhere in his functioning but badly warped brain, he had come up with what he thought was an hilarious take on the situation… what if Greta, who despite being 19 years old still looks very much like a young teenager, were indeed arrested and place into the same cell as the famously alleged rapist of underage women, the man she had embarrassed and tormented by Tweet, Andrew Tate?

Yeah, that’s an hilarious thought, Ben…

“My honest take on Greta being arrested, actually, is that I’m wondering if this is all, sort of, the setup for a reality TV romance in which she is arrested and put in jail and it turns out that her cellmate is Andrew Tate.

You remember their weirdly tension-filled exchange on Twitter in which Andrew Tate tweeted her pictures of his Bugattis and she suggested that he had quote-unquote “small dick energy.” I’m wondering if this is all the setup to the prison romance that is to follow between Greta Thunberg and Andrew Tate, the unlikeliest of romances.”

Thanks to Twitter Shapiro tormenter Jason Campbell for posting video:


He was too busy giggling to think it through.




I’m glad you think you’re funny, Ben, no one else does.

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  1. Ben’s just jealous because he knows that if he’s ever sent to prison (too bad that face isn’t a crime in and of itself) absolutely no one will want to do “sexual things” with him. No inmate would want to put their, um, swords in that, um, sheath.

    Now, giving Ben the title role in a prison production of “Julius Caesar?” THAT, I could see. (He’d probably be shocked that they’d put on the production in the showers, and with no real rehearsals.)

  2. In the future people who have been arrested while protesting environmental abuses will wear such charges as badges of honor. Shapiro is just showing what a complete and utter horse’s ass he is–like he does every show F.F.S.


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