I know you remember the I’d Rather Be Russian Than Democrat tee shirts, which is why I put them on top of this piece. I was horrified when I saw them in 2016 and now I’m getting beyond horror. I’m getting to an awful kind of realization, instead. I feel like the character Nadine, in The Stand. Remember how she’s out in the desert with Randall Flagg and she realizes he’s really the devil, and in abject horror says, “NOOOO!!” to which the devil replies, “Oh, it’s wayyyy too late for that, Nadine.”

I am beginning to wonder if it’s not too late for America.

Listen to this dummy and multiply her by 74 million. Then tell me it’s not too late.

This Putin loving is sick. There’s no other word for it. Here are a couple of other videos you should look at, in a mash up. But first check out this graphic. Because this says it all.

We have had dark times in this nation before. That’s nothing new. We have had “dumb” times, if you want to lump ignorance and bigotry into “dumb” which is arguably logical, since those categories of expression never lead to anything positive. But we are at a crossroads here of the two which is startling.

Now back to how great Putin is, according to a lot of Americans, including TFG.

Tucker Carlson and Fox News own more than a small percentage of the guilt for having produced this dumbed down, pro-Putin, pro-fascist trend in this country.

A certain portion of the right-wing now loves them some Putin. This puts them at odds with official United States foreign policy, which is pro-Ukraine, pro-NATO.

And all roads lead us back to the same question, is the Republican party going to purge its extremist elements from its ranks and become a viable political party again, or is the GOP the extremists — which is what Marjorie Taylor Greene insists is the case. She is “the base, not the fringe” quote unquote. Is that in fact the case?

Because if that is true, I can’t see America not falling into fascism. I honestly cannot. And I’m seriously wondering if it’s not too late.

One thing is dead certain: if we could get rid of the pernicious effect of Fox News, that would be a gigantic step towards healing. Read this story from The Independent and it’s been reported on by other outlets as well.

In a nutshell, Fox News viewers were paid $15 per hour to watch seven hours a week of CNN instead of Fox News. Bottom line, after getting some straight information mixed in with the Fox diet of propaganda, peoples’ attitudes began changing.

“Consistent with this, treated participants concluded that Fox concealed negative information about President Trump. Partisan media does not only present its side an electoral advantage — it may present a challenge for democratic accountability,” the study said.

Fox News is poison. I think that one step in the right direction would be that opinion shows like Hannity, Ingraham and the like have giant labels on them in red OPINION, and that a link to fact checks are available for every segment. At least it would give the viewer a few seconds of pause, rather than just soaking in every lie.

I wonder if it’s possible to legislate something like that? Because if we don’t, then I truly fear for democracy. In addition to my mantra of “74 million people voted for Trump” I am adopting another daily mantra, which is Nikita Khrushchev’s comment, ““We will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade the U.S. We will destroy you from within….” It appears like that is a work in progress.

And you know what the answer might be? This is delightful. Maybe it is this simple. Let’s just pay Fox News viewers to watch anything factual and see if the experience results in a permanently changed outlook. Let’s lead the horse to water and see if he won’t start drinking/thinking, since the pool of information is right there. Maybe the people who did this study found the Holy Grail.

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  1. I believe that a large portion of those voters only did so because the always vote for anyone with an R next their names. A huge portion are rage-a-holics like my ex. They get high off the endorphins that kick in when they’re angry. The rest voted out of racist fear – fear that the libs are going to make them live next to people of color; people of color are taking their jobs (like field work, yard work in 100 degree weather, motel cleaning, dishwashing), fear that their tax dollars are being given to someone who doesn’t deserve it like the CEOs of major corporations who make 1,000 times more than they do but deserve it. Finally, no matter what category they fit into, the majority of them are too lazy and or stupid to seek the truth.

    • Their fears are fed by Fox and its imitators, and by the GOP.
      I wish those people who like Putin and Russia so much would move there. I’d even donate to a national fund to pay for it.

  2. I don’t remember the exact quote, but I think Winston Churchill quipped, if you want to know what’s wrong with democracy, just spend five minutes talking to the average voter.

  3. Who would have guessed Khrushchev would be right in the end. They have indeed buried us: with the overwhelming weight of absolute morons.

    Thing is, these are the same people who would have, or were, so against the Russkies when that country actually was something to worry about.

  4. There isn’t enough money in the world to rid Fox viewers of their stupidity. However, there are schools and their mandate is something called education. That might work.

  5. I wish reporters would stop asking stupid questions to stupid people. It’s just click bait. Of course she’s going to say Putin. The question was a no brainer asked of a no-brainer. We know how stupid the far right is. We’ve had it shoved in our faces for the last twenty years and culminated with one of them becoming president and several of them getting into the House and Senate. But having reporters ask these kind of dumb questions, please, just stop.

  6. I live in macomb county and walked door to door in 2008 to get Obama elected.
    Macomb was blue. Then all of the jobs left. Then macomb turned red. Get the picture?
    Where did the jobs go? They went to china while democrats bailed out ford, gm, chrysler and the supplier base. Come on over to macomb and drive on our crap roads. Experience our 3rd world economy. You can thank peters, levin, dingell and the rest for giving BILLIONS to the formerly big 3 while letting macomb deal with an unemployment system that doesnt work, crap roads and no fucking jobs aside from service industry jobs. Michigan is now a 3rd world shit hole with 3 taxpayer funded new stadiums in detroit owned by the deadbeat ford family and the king of low paying, crap jobs, little ceasar.
    Sure, this lady is an idiot but do you know who the bigger idiots are?
    The assholes that said nafta was great for america and then made it law.



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