“They’re coming to take me away, ha ha, they’re coming to take me away” — Napoleon XIV

Is there a doctor in the house? Specifically a psychiatrist? Wait, I got it, let’s find Mary Trump and get her to explain what Sarah Palin is raving about.

Or, wait, now I really got it: Sarah has been in a coma and she’s been saved by Viagra and so now she needs to well, you know, Viagra. Could that be it? Or, she’s been watching her look alike, Lisa Ann, the porn queen, whose image you see in the picture above, and that’s got Sarah all hot and bothered.

What is comical is her reference to AOC being irresponsible, not having much of a “foundation” –well, let’s talk about that, Sarah. Because if you gave your kids such a terrific foundation, why did your daughter keep getting knocked up out of wedlock? Not one but twice if memory serves?

And then your son got arrested on domestic violence charges not once but three times in three years? Does that display impeccable breeding? Asking for a friend.

Take a look.

I think I may have to go watch “Game Change” again. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a terrific HBO movie about the formation of the McCain/Palin ticket and the 2008 election. And what an unmitigated disaster Sarah was. As I opine at least once a day on this blog, you can’t make this up because the truth is always stranger than fiction.

I can’t wait until the nighttime talk show hosts get hold of this. We may have to do an update.


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  1. I can’t help but think about how the GOP played up the sex angle with Palin during the 2008 campaign. Remember all those buttons and other stuff with the slogan “The Hottest Governor From the Coolest State?” How she’d do that winking in an attempt to flirt and be the “sexy librarian” type for all the MAGA guys out there? I suppose it was inevitable that a porn movie like the one you referenced was made. I wonder how many millions of “Christian” MAGA goobers wanked off to it?

    Also, while her wild child daughter is credited with two unplanned pregnacies (and I’ll never forget how sad she looked at the announcement, no doubt knowing the whole country and even free world was about to learn she was a knocked-up underage teen) but three. You will never convince me Palin’s youngest son, the one who was born with cognitive disabilities wasn’t Bristol Palin’s first child, born prematurely. Supposedly ole Sarah was far enough along with what any OB would say was a high risk pregnancy that she could plausibly give birth to a child that would live. She was in Houston when she “went into labor.” And in this high risk situation instead of checking into a local hospital she instead got herself on a flight back to Anchorage! I’ve fown there myself, albeit from the east cost but the distance is similar and requires a stopover and/or change of planes. Yes, it’s a LONG ass trip and takes fourteen hours or more. All during I remind you a high risk pregnancy COMBINED with an even higher risk delivery!

    Here’s the real kicker. Once in Anchorage does she THEN check into a hospital? Nope. It takes her another (roughly) hour to get to that town of hers out in the Mat-Su Valley where she can check in and “deliver” her baby with her local doc attending. This by the way went down while Bristol was being held out of school for the year due to “mono.” I call bullshit on the whole thing. That kid is Bristol’s, and Palin covered the whole thing up to protect her political prospects, being a “Family Values” conservative and all that.

    I’m off point I guess bringing all that up, but it does help reinforce the point that Sarah Palin has NO business playing holier than thou moral crap and criticizing others.

    • The one thing you didn’t mention is HOW she got on a flight while IN LABOR. I cannot imagine any airline–no matter how desperate for paying passengers–that would want to allow a pregnant woman “in labor” to be on a flight that would last more than a couple of hours.

      I mean, it’s conventional wisdom that pregnant women are advised against taking any airline trips after their 6th month UNLESS it’s a dire emergency and I can’t imagine any doctor (at least, one who wants to keep his medical license) who would approve a woman *in labor* to board a plane for ANY reason. (Probably the only exception would be if the woman’s accompanied by a licensed medical professional–physician or licensed practicing nurse or, hell, even a midwife–and the flight won’t be much longer than an hour and its destination is the nearest hospital emergency room.)

  2. I remember her in 2008 (and later) as a s-x object for GOP guys. It was really really obvious – the current occupant of that role seems to be Guilfoyle.


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