(It is important to note up front that we do not know what the boxes contain, but I don’t think they are filled with toiletries.)

Video obtained from The Daily Mail shows Donald Trump boarding a Cessna plane in Florida heading to his Golf Club in Bedminster New Jersey on May 8th, 2021, just two days after the National Archives and Records Administration contacted him saying that they were looking for missing records from his administration’s archives. Boxes, suspiciously like those photographed by the FBI after the search of Mar-A-Lago, can be seen being loaded onto the plane by what looks like Secret Service after Trump boards…

Again we don’t know what was in the boxes, the Mail, in their article, sandwiched between critical reporting on Melanie’s polka dot dress and Baron’s longer hair, obliquely conjectured that they could contain financial records due to Bedminster’s proximity to NYC and Trish James’ probe into his businesses there.

Some will note, however that a little over one month later Jared Kushner obtained his two billion dollar loan from the Saudis.


But is worth further speculation:

First, for fun, a little snark…


With thumbs like that we see why he doesn’t bowl…


Way to connect dots, Lucy!


Seems to want them close though, a Cessna isn’t that big…


Oh, that’s good!🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂


Give it a couple of hours JScott…


Looks like they are carrying to me, aka, unless airport workers wear black suits.

What if it’s tap dancing like a duck?

We may never find out what was in those particular boxes, but it sure looks as sketchy as hell.

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  1. At least three boxes in addition to luggage – just two days after he’s told they’re looking for missing documents! Get the search warrants! I’m serious.

  2. Reminder: if we’re just now finding this out, it’s a cinch that the DOJ has known for far longer. That they’re dropping this now tells me they’re about to make a related move.

  3. Interesting video, especially the timing – both a couple of days after NARA pressed Trump and a couple of days before the Saudis bailed Jared out of his financial disaster at his infamous 666 property in NYC. Setting that aside I have some observations. It was tough to tell if one of the people was carrying one or two document boxes but there were five or six of them. Clearly they weren’t luggage and loading them into the cabin of the plane suggests they were damned important and Trump wanted to keep an eye on “his” stuff. What I found particularly interesting was the guy in the suit carrying what looked like a metal case resembling a small trunk or perhaps safe. Hmmmm.

    At least some of these people had to be Secret Service. But even those who weren’t might well have illegally handled classified information. I wrote an article this morning addressing the fact that Trump himself didn’t gather up and box up all the stuff that’s already been recovered. And that given how casual he was with it countless people saw documents with classification markings on them not just post WH at his club(s) but back at the WH. People who should have seen jack, and/or should have been seeing documents marked classified in places where they saw them. The national security implications are huge.

    I’ve held off posting because I wanted to let the last draft sit for a while, then go back with fresh eyes. I think having read this and watched that video I’ve waited long enough and should take another look. And maybe go ahead and post it if I think I’m on target.



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