Full disclosure: I cannot find the origin of the clip you’re about to see but will continue to make the effort, so that we get this in full context. From what I can gather, it is from 2015 or 2016 and he’s blathering about Hillary Clinton’s emails and how disqualifying that was. I don’t know if the clip has been photoshopped.

It’s worth watching because the sheer irony of him insisting upon Clinton’s criminality, when her issue was a fraction of the malfeasance that he has committed, is mind-boggling.

But that’s only part of it. His eyes, in this clip, look for all the world to be red and swollen. He looks and sounds definitively out of it. I am thinking of this as a pre-echo, a moment from Trump’s past, which is suddenly so prescient and meaningful.

This is identifying.

And of course it gets worse. Hit this link and read about an executive order Trump signed in 2018 making the mishandling of classified information a felony. At the time, it was said that he hoped the law would apply to Hillary Clinton, what poetic justice if he spends time behind bars himself?


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  1. As you say, poetic justice, in my mind it doesn’t get any better than this. I was thinking about all of Trump’s words and actions. I think he doesn’t say or do anything unintentionally. I believe all his choices are deliberate. That pretty much settles the question of intent.

  2. Cry baby diapers showing his true face to his magats. Wonder if they’ll still see him as ever so manly. He isn’t. He wasn’t. He never will be.

    • One thing I’ve seen touring local prisons because I was on a local Grand Jury for a year, the simple rules of conduct and the REAL threat to anyone that thinks they are special, and in need of constant fluffing, (Like Trump with his imbedded Narcissism’s), he WILL be in immediate danger, the structure of any given prison will be the same … The biggest, strongest inmates form their own equality maintainers … With Trump’s constant talking about Himself could lead to a leveling of the playground … TRUMP SHOULD BE SCARED … Anyone that blurts out constant lies may find the discontent among inmates a sharp edge to transverse …

      HEY, TRUMP,
      Good Luck, you Elephant-assed, fake in everyway, freak show blabber mouth, Let’s see how calm you can be when introduced to Mike the knife, Jack the ripper or the Night Crawler …
      sleeping with eyes AND ears open can be exhausting in a prison where everything runs day AND night … Har Har 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • The Aryan Brotherhood will protect him from.Hispanic ANF Black gangs IF he goes into gen pop. Secret Device protection will be an issue.

        • He’d be in special sealed off wing. Maybe the end of a long one with some serious construction to make it secure. There’s be accomodations for Secret Service, and a special exercise yard if he wants to go out and get some sunshine. Any other prisoners would be carefully screened, and probably if some of those who worked for him wind up getting nailed along with him they’d all be locked up in the same place. Now wouldn’t THAT be a fun place to be a fly on the wall. Come to think of it the Secret Service might flip their lids over the prospect of people who would be free except for having aligned themselve with Trump and now have to pay the price of lost freedom just might want to get back at him. He’d have it better than the typical inmates, just as “high value” prisoners always do but he’d still sleep in a cell on a prison rack. Making him take dumps in a stainless steel toilet with not rim would be particularly humiliating for him. So would the food. The prison wouldn’t risk transporting his food from the kitchen, but what they COULD do and should do would be order the same stuff that gets shipped to the prison for the prisoner and have a cleared cook use the same food and ingredients that are used in the prison’s kitchen for Trump and anyone else in the “Trump Wing.”

  3. The indictment has been unsealed and trump is, in a word, screwed. There are 38 counts, including espionage and conspiracy that will put him and his co-conspirator and body servant, Walt Nauta, away in the Big House for life. Smith appears to have sewed this case up very tight, offering no room for defense. He’s a goner.

  4. knock knock
    who’s there?
    boo who?
    why are you crying?
    oh yeah…your nuts are in a vise!
    my 7y/o and I laugh at this silly joke all the time.ha


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