Nothing like watching a pair of D-listers on the downslide. Kid Rock and Donald Trump deserve one another. Rock gave a concert in Indiana recently where Trump did an opening monologue.

Metalsucks said about the video “it’s pretty clear that Donald Trump has never been to a rock concert before in his life, and if he has, he almost certainly made it very awkward for everyone around him. The guy is frighteningly stiff, he doesn’t know how to close his mouth, and his sentiments fall somewhere between those of a dottering grandpa and random chick on ecstasy who latches onto you at the club.”

Here’s Trump the MC. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Rolling Stone:

Over the past year Rock — perhaps Trump’s biggest supporter in the music world — has been floating in the jetsam of the one-term presidency, making music that would only appeal to Trump-loving Rock fans, from his “snowflakes”-slamming single “Don’t Tell Me How to Live” to a track that incorporates the anti-Biden slogan “Let’s Go Brandon” into its chorus.

In March, Rock revealed that — during Trump’s presidency — the president would consult with the “Bawitdaba” singer on geopolitical matters, including top-secret matters. “We’re looking at maps and shit, and I’m like, ‘Am I supposed to be in on this shit?’” Rock said during a Fox News interview. “I make dirty records sometimes. ‘What do you think we should do about North Korea?’ I’m like, ‘What? I don’t think I’m qualified to answer this.’”

Water finds its own level. Trump has found his corollary in the music world and Rock has found his in the political world.

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  1. Canada has Justin Bieber, we have Qid Wreck (it makes me physically ill that either of them tries to associate themselves and their trash with Rock music!!). No surprise that Qid Wreck is a MAGAt! Neither one of them can carry a tune in a bucket! People who can’t sing shouldn’t try!!

    • Gods, can you possibly sound any more “old fogey”? For starters, I don’t believe that Justin Bieber has EVER tried to “associate” himself with rock music. He’s purposely defined himself as a pop singer with R&B undertones and as for his not being able to “carry a tune,” there are a LOT of “real” rock musicians who can’t carry a tune either.

      For what it’s worth, I seem to recall reading stories of parents in the 50s who chided their kids for listening to Elvis and the “caterwauling” he claimed was singing. And the Beatles and the Rolling Stones? More garbage being passed off as “real music” to kids who didn’t know any better. And I’m sure you remember the whole “Disco sucks” movement which, ironically, was largely attacking a watered-down, pop form of disco rather than the stuff which was actually being played in real discos; it was largely driven by white male “rock” fans (who were whipped up by white male DJs who didn’t like playing songs by all those slur-for-Black-people and slur-for-women and slur-for-gay-men and who were outraged that some of “their” rock stars were doing “that garbage”–like Rod Stewart, the Doobie Brothers and KISS). And, even some of today’s new “classic” rock stars faced accusations of not being able to “carry a tune”–I remember mainstream publications that nixed the likes of Nirvana and Pearl Jam (shocked that “the kids” liked guys who mumbled and were lucky to hit a right note every so often). And then there was the “Chairman of the Board,” “Old Blue Eyes” himself, proving how out of touch he was with then-contemporary music when he criticized the “Red Hot + Blue” album for “ruining” some of “his songs” (actually, Sinatra might have recorded the same songs decades earlier but they were new takes on classic Cole Porter songs); he was especially critical of Neneh Cherry for her hip-hop take on “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” (apparently Sinatra had never paid much attention to John Coltrane or Miles Davis because both men took their own “liberties” with the “Great American Songbook”).

      • OK, OK, Kid Rock can carry a tune. And if you ask me, he can carry all his tunes to the garbage and leave them there. Your argument is really that anybody who says anything negative about anything that calls itself “rock” must be an an “old fogey”. But what if the so-called “rock” really does suck, not because it’s rock but because it’s crap?


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