We had the Two-Minute Hate from Orwell’s “1984” and now we have the two-minute diagnosis — or speculation, at least, about what makes Donnie (both Junior and Senior) run?

Run into walls, specifically, and run on and on at the mouth.

It’s no secret that both are “animated guys” who frequently get in front of microphones, all bronzed up and blaring. How do they get that way? Here’s a hypothesis, which frankly is as good as anything else I’ve heard, and better than most.

Full disclosure: I’ve never even heard of a lot of this stuff. It may be a process of aging, but nobody I know gets loaded beyond a cocktail or two, or good wine, or maybe a little weed. Gone are the days when I knew of a guy in the San Fernando Valley who decided to start a cocaine delivery service because then he didn’t have people coming by his house. He thought it was safer that way.

Hand to God, there was a time in the 80’s when I could have sat on my couch and gotten drugs delivered faster than I could have gotten a pizza. Just another L.A. marketing story. It didn’t turn into a fad, from what I know. This was a wild time in L.A.’s history. Daryl Gates was the Chief of Police and he used to show up at peoples’ doors with battering rams, all kinds of things.

Junior is getting skinny, Eric as well. Maybe they’re just worried about their future? I certainly would be if I had the State of New York after me.

Here’s the entire tape of these two chatting about the Trumps and other topics, if you care to watch the entire thing.

I’m sure Junior will issue another PSA from his basement, soon. I have the same kind of fixation with those as I do with Mike Lindell’s loony commentaries. I just can’t believe that they’re still going on. But they are. And they will. And in both cases, they will probably only stop when either there’s a court order to do so, or possibly one or both of these podcasters ends up inside the House of Many Doors.

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  1. The strict structure system adhered to by the GOP, seems to be, lay the blame for everything on Pelosi and Biden, no detail is left out, they have ruined everything, spending so much money that is desperately needed by different states, individuals and Republicans are left out of their big plans, which seems to be sitting on their hands, ignoring the fact that their party, has lead the nation in greedy solutions, that put more money in the wealthiest pockets, leaving the rest of the Country struggling without answers to actual emergency levels of draught, food and water shortages, collapsing bridges and giant pot holes in the roads …

    It may be my recollection is distorted, but didn’t the Republicans dump a trillion dollars on corporations that immediately bought back their own stocks, NOT paying higher wages or any of the other promises the GOP made?

    We’ve come to that, “Y”, in the road, elect all the running Democrats to expel as many crooked, useless drug addled Republicans as possible, not to mention the wonderful big mouthed, mental midgets like Rusty Gates, Ted Cruz, Grassley, Gym Jordan, who have all earned the right to ejection whenever their terms expire … Our governor has just said that Biden’s boost to young people’s pay back on government loans is absolutely wrong and unfair, adding that she and her kids all worked to pay for school and loans without this kind of help, totally ignoring any reasons that may make pay-backs necessary so young people can prosper without that Albatross around their neck in this day of super-high price increases, because, well, caps are not fair to big money Pharma, and all the major government dept. have been attacked by Republicans as detrimental to big business, even though they have provided safety, simple quality to all our lives …

    The Trump Camp is going down faster every day, with good reasons, Senior has shown his treason-like performances at every turn, his money tricks are outrageously illegal and so blatant that even junior high classes in social science could build up a chapter on every thing wrong about Trump … Trump the second, has been so high the Mount Palomar scope would be hard pressed to see him clearly … His mind is almost gone already …

    Eric the dorky one, said once that Russia seems to be really into golf courses, meaning that Trump Industries, was washing and ironing cash for Putin, this one is a question I have, which of the biggest threats will be after Trump for these types of actions? The Feds, the States, the UN or Putin, tying up loose ends?

    If we don’t vote these vermin out, the other leg of the, “Y”, will swallow us all up, by suffering more of the same nonsense of the last few years …

    • A story not told enough is that about 95% of the heavily marketed drugs sold by Big Pharma in the last 50 years were developed using subsidies from the gummit. So all that “We need to make back our research cost.” is a bunch of crap.
      Gummit money comes from taxes. Folks at the bottom of the economy pay the taxes.

      • Valid point. Still, I wish my Dr. could find a pill for me to give me the energy Jr. has. The fucker is bouncing off the wall more than a super-ball shot out of a cannon.

  2. Stupid, greedy, evil fascism is ON OUR DOORSTEP!!! VOTE because our children’s future is on the chopping block!!!!! YOUR VOTE MATTERS. If it didn’t the fascist party wouldn’t spend so much money to stop you or lie continuously to fool you! Fact.

    • Funny how you write “our children’s future is on the chopping block” and most of the people who fall into the “Won’t someone please think of the children?!?!!?” crowd tend to vote AGAINST those very children’s futures.



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