This is a mini-documentary that is better than anything any of us could write. It’s a testimony, done by Republican Voters Against Trump, of a voter who voted for Trump “because I couldn’t stand Hillary Clinton” but he has come to regret making that choice. Listen to the whole thing, because it builds. At the end, this former Trump voter tells Trump what he really thinks of him. Priceless.

The political ads coming out now are like a fireworks show. I predict that as we get near to November 3, they’re going to get wilder and end off with a grand finale. I can’t wait.

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  1. They kicked me off Twitter. Mainly for being never trumper. The only thing I miss is being able to add opinions and retweet these little gems. Thank you for finding this. Seen it on there and they still let me forward it if I try, usually. And I totally get where he’s coming from. Although I don’t share his views on Hillary I get it. And now he does to. And like him I already have enough problems. I don’t need some dam virus that will probably kill me. Do already have lung issues. But Hillary would have been better than this clown but people have their right to a opinion. And they have the right to change it if the circumstances warrant it. Good show!

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