Every now and again you run across a right-wing clip which is so pathetic that you can’t really laugh at it. It’s too sad. The clip you’re about to see here is either going to put you on the floor in stitches or you will react as I did, with a quiet, “My God.”

How can anybody be so stupid? Multiply that by 74 million. Take a look at the creatures that we have in both the Senate and House. This clip will make it all make sense.

This is from Donald Trump’s Arizona rally. Right Side Broadcasting is playing all the hit moments.

Yes, honey, they’re guiding you off the cliff with the rest of the lemmings. They are guiding you down the rabbit hole. They are guiding you to the poor house.

Here are a few more philosopher kings.

This one introduces a Gavin Newsom conspiracy theory.

It makes sense. In a world where people only know what they see on television, a television character would become king. In the valley of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

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  1. I called my fucked up sister on 7/6. Her b’day. Won’t do that again. She was like that woman. She said Fox speaks the truth. She watches Fox/Newsmax and says she goes online to get her information. If I ever talk to her again – I will call her an American Nazi as she would have followed Hitler.

    • I have another friend, a gal who also reads this blog, whose sister voted for Trump. When that information came out it caused a major explosion between them, needless to say. The script is almost identical. The sister listens to Fox News, etc. And I have a younger friend, a gal who could be my granddaughter, and her father left Fox News for Newsmax, because Fox was too “liberal.”

      This country is going nuts. That’s the only conclusion I can reach.

  2. As Yoda would say: “Strong is the delusion in this one!”

    I sometimes see this kind of shit and ask what kinds of drugs they are on because I could sure use some. I’ve rethought that. Given how fucked up in the head whatever these people are on I don’t want anywhere near that shit!

    I’ll maybe do a little grass if it becomes legal in my state. I’m not holding my breath but if it becomes available by prescription I have a couple of conditions that I think would qualify me. In which case I could get proper shit and not risk something laced with whatever is in the kind of shit these asshats grow/smoke!

    • It’s more than chemicals. Trump represents to them the guy who’s going to break all the rules, for himself and for them. It’s childish and insane and so is he. That’s why they follow him — I think. I’m having a problem getting my head around it, obviously.

      • You are absolutely right. Trump is the ‘absolute political incorrect one’ for them. An elephant in a china shop. And they simply love it. It’s also partially entertainment for them, because, in all their simplicity, they have no other reference than reality shows and Fox/Newsmax.

  3. I have a family member who loves Trump and the sad part is that she is not deluded and stupid like these people are. She knows exactly what is happening, she just doesn’t care. I no longer talk politics with her, or much of anything else, because her response is always the same. “I don’t give a damn what Trump does and I don’t give a damn about what Republicans do. All I care about is pissing off the goddamn libtards.” That’s it. She proudly states it out loud. Her only happiness in life is shoving a thumb in the eyes of Democrats at every possible opportunity. The worse Republicans become, the more she likes it. Twenty-plus years of Fox, Rush Limbaugh, Bannon, OAN, Newsmax, etc has left her so filled with hate for Democrats that she will happily vote for policies that she knows will hurt her and her family as long as she can believe that the people she hates are being hurt worse. It is sad because she wasn’t always like this.

    • Hitler used grievance to great effect. She’d make a good nazi…just throw those screaming crying naked children into the oven. WE OWN THE JEWS! The gypsies. The intellectuals. The trade unionists. Etc.etc.etc. I don’t care who these assholes think they are or who they are related to. They are evil.

    • I have a,SiL.like that. She has all.but dissertation toward a doctorate in Gifted Education. We haven’t spoken in. 8 years. No loss

  4. OK – so we see this over and over and the frustration from us rational folks is palpable with suggestions from the sublime to the ridiculous. But what does it all mean? What can we do about it? Apparently next to nothing. As someone noted here, there are 70 plus million of these people. Of course there is a spectrum and several variations on the theme concerning why they think the way they do, but the plain truth is right before their eyes same and they will not see it or hear it. As a block, these people could and would (seemingly with glee) destroy our democracy unless we beat the bushes thru every election cycle to get every possible voter registered and casting a ballot. But unfortunately democrats are notorious for a high tide of participation when properly motivated, and then receding into their busy lives thinking “yes, job well done” – and then sitting out the next couple of cycles assuming we’re on the right path. That is not going to get it done in this era. The people behind this are relentless. I really don’t know what to say or do. I will be leaving the planet (sooner than later I’m afraid) but this will fall on my children and grandchildren and I feel helpless to prevent it. Thanks for listening.


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