What you’re about to see is sobering because it’s so Trumpian in nature. And this may be the direction forward for the GOP from here on out, an utter lack of civility.

Rather than admit a loss with grace and dignity, such as George H.W. Bush did, in solid measure, when defeated by Bill Clinton, it has become the Republican way to whine and snivel. H.W. was a gentleman and he and Barbara accorded every courtesy to Bill and Hillary Clinton as they entered the White House. H.W. was the one who started the tradition of the departing president leaving a letter in the Resolute Desk for the incoming president.

That level of accountability and class has utterly departed the Republican party. What they are now is a pack of snarling curs and you will look long and wide to find anybody who outdoes this.

The man lost the election by 11 points. He disparaged his opponent generally, but offered no specifics as to what the “Rule Of Janet” meant, as opposed to the Rule Of Law. I guess we should be grateful he didn’t claim that the election was stolen by the Deep State. At least we were spared that.

There used to be men and women in the Republican party. Some of them were better than others, that’s nothing new when it comes to any group of individuals. But this mewling, puking, utterly childish way of dealing with loss comes to us via Donald Trump and all of the party seems to behave this way nowadays. A few of the old timers like Mitt Romney haven’t descended to this depth, but Lindsey Graham has, Mike Pence has, most all of them decry how unfair everything is. They don’t act like adults any longer. H.W. is spinning in his grave, I’m sure of it.

Trump is the id of the Republican party. Before him, they may have thought and felt these things but they didn’t articulate them publicly. Now, the gloves are off and civil discourse is dead in this country.

I don’t know where Dan Kelly is going next but I hope it’s out of politics. Better yet, it should be out of law altogether. This man demonstrates a maturity level in a mind that I wouldn’t trust to properly adjudicate a traffic ticket, let alone any kind of major case, and certainly not legislation affecting the entire state of Wisconsin and the country at large.


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  1. If he were to go back to being a regular ole judge, it would be easy for defendants to beat the rap. All they’d have to do was instead of enter a plea state whatever they did was “perfect” and that the only reason they are facing charges in court is because of “Woke” and say MAGA! Not only would this asshat dismiss the case (with prejudice) but order anyone involved in arresting & charging such a “fine, upstanding Trump supporter) to be arrested for abuse of authority!


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