This is like the last season of Lost where the plot got so convoluted that supposedly even the writers didn’t know what was going to happen. Drop everything and listen to Sidney Powell explain to Brannon Howse on LindellTV how the Department of Defense had a patent in 2006 to predetermine elections. Wow, wonder why they didn’t use it in 2008 to give John McCain the win? But no, they transferred the patent to a college in New Jersey with a lot of foreign students, instead. Say whut?

Powell has a dreamy kind of an aspect about her, like Norma Desmond, another woman who lives in a world of her own creation. Here, Powell sounds like she’s a member of the Illuminati, or attempting to expose the Illuminati, because that’s been conspiracy theory for some years now, that the Illuminati determines who is POTUS and the rest of us just go through the motions thinking it’s us.

This is happy news, actually. All we have to do is find the patent, ask Dubya, no, don’t bother, go ask Dick Cheney, that’s how it works. See if Cheney remembers this patent and then let’s all take a look at the drawings and schematics and see what we’ve got to work with here. I’m all for it.

Sidney Powell filed a lawsuit against Dominion last Friday for $10 Million, alleging that “their $1.3 billion defamation suit against her was a ‘ludicrous’ abuse of the legal system intended to intimidate her for speaking out,” according to Bloomberg.

Dominion’s motive in suing was “diverting attention from the failings of its election equipment, trying to change the ‘narrative’ that was exposing Dominion’s serious flaws and wrongdoing, and avoiding post-election inquiry into voting irregularities in the 2020 election,” Powell said in the filing. […]

Powell, an outspoken Trump supporter, may have a hard time convincing the Washington judge overseeing the case that Dominion’s lawsuit is improper. The judge in August denied Powell’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit, criticizing her for depending on unreliable “expert witnesses” and anonymous affidavits to back her conspiracy.

Denver-based Dominion also has suits pending against Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and MyPillow Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mike Lindell for spreading the false claims on television. The company has sued Fox News, Newsmax Media Inc. and the owner of One America News Network, accusing them of creating an “alternate reality” for Trump supporters.

Powell, whose claims include that Dominion was linked to former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, was hit with sanctions in her Michigan lawsuit to overturn the election after a judge ruled she had abused the legal system. The judge in that case ruled Powell’s suit was so flimsy it amounted to “a historic and profound abuse of the judicial process.”

One thing Powell has in common with Rudy Giuliani, other than this madness, is that they both were respected prosecutors at one point in their lives. Somewhere they took a wrong turn and they’ve been on some wild detour for some time. I can’t wait to see how this ends.


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  1. So, the DOD had a “patent” but she doesn’t actually offer evidence–like the patent number. Once a patent has been issued, the information about the patented device becomes PUBLIC INFORMATION.

    But, then again, the patent has to actually exist and I’m pretty certain that Powell’s just making this whole thing up.


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