Sean Spicer is the adult version of the kid whose dog ate his homework. It’s not my fault!! Only a shameless and obtuse moron would keep pushing the claim that he was just as good as any White House press secretary before (or after) him, he was just the victim of persecution. No, the man was dreadful and that opinion was rendered very early on, dispassionately, even, by people who made their living comparing different administrations and their staffers, in non-partisan fashion.

As you may know, Spicer, after writing a memoir which got about as many copies sold as the two paperweights which Meghan McCain wrote, took a job at Newsmax.

Water finds its own level. Here is mighty Sean, being abused, and that’s probably how he really sees it. What a fool believes, etc.

The only positive thing I can say about Sean Spicer is that he is the one person who manages to make Sarah Hucky Boo Boo Sanders and Kayleigh McEnany look good. And truth be known, Spicer would kill to have had the job offer that Psaki got from MSNBC. So would Sanders and McEnany. They know what Psaki achieved and they’re gobsmacked.

Psaki got where she got by being hyper informed and prepared. She also could think on her feet and deal with difficult a$$holes, Peter Doocy comes to mind, like nobody I’ve ever seen. She rose to stardom at that podium and justifiably so.

If you have forgotten how inexorably bad Spicer was, take two minutes and listen to this. Lies, pure lies.

It would be interesting to see a history of the Trump administration, cobbled together from White House press secretary clips, nothing more, starting out with Spicer lying about the Inauguration crowd, going through all of Hucky Boo Boo’s sanctimonious perfidy and then ending with Kayleigh McEnany, looking visibly shaken, on January 7, 2021.

She read prepared remarks and ran because she had McEnany is and was a fraud. Spicer was and is a fraud. Sanders is the same thing and she may be in Bill Clinton’s old chair as governor of Arkansas in not too long a time.

The truth has a certain ring to it and so do lies. Donald Trump paid a lot of people to lie for him and still pays them. People get roped into it. Michael Cohen speaks eloquently to the issue, of how he believed on some level that he had to lie for this man that he worked for. Cohen was part of the cult. He took a strong swig of the kool aide if he was saying things like he “would take a bullet for Mr. Trump.” And he did say those things.

I don’t claim to understand it, but Trump got a lot of people lined up behind him who believed that he had a short cut to power and he could get them places they never could go without him. Somehow, Trump’s recklessness and audacity was perceived as magic and not as the sheer poison that it actually is. And there are a lot of people in the inner sanctum of the cult who know it’s pure bullshit but that there’s a dollar to be made and that’s why they’re there. Roger Stone is the poster child for that group.

That’s my best shot at an explanation. Otherwise, to my mind, this entire Trump cult phenomenon is sheer madness.

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    • Stephanie Grisham did zero press conferences. And there were times when both Hucky Boo Boo and Kayleigh hid out for a while. None of them came close to Jen in any way, shape or form. She’s the gold standard for how the job should be done.


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