We live at a strange time in history. Social media is a pervasive force. It has its good aspects and bad. The good, wonderful in fact, aspects of social media is that it disseminates news and information at the speed of light. Social media links us all together. The bad aspects are that both Facebook and Twitter are cesspools for conspiracy theory and disinformation. One goes with the other.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that on any given day you can find a parody account, especially of the Trumps, which looks and sounds almost identical to what they’re really saying.

Here’s the proof.

That’s the parody clip and Ron DeSantis better hope Trump doesn’t see it, or he will become Ron DeStankis, I would bet money on that.

Now take a look at what they really are saying. First we start out with the drunk and the druggie, what could possibly go wrong?

You see what I’m saying. And there’s more.

I don’t know about you, but if I was writing a parody sketch of Don Junior, I could do no better than what actually came out of his mouth.

And here’s more, from yet another incredible right-wing duo.

And it gets worse, as always.

You’ve heard pure nonsense in every clip presented here. The creators of the first clip made it clear they were entertaining you. The others want you to take their drivel seriously.


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  1. That last clip is absolutely impossible to parody. With that ‘failed drag queen’ level of make-up caked on, I thought, at first, that it was a skit. But she really wants to look like that, and sound like that ?

  2. Guilfoyle needs to quit with the collagen injections until she learns what lipstick shades DON’T make the collagen look even worse. I mean, really? She willingly chose to show up in front of a camera with lips that look like those old “wax lip” candies?

  3. Is it just me or does Kymberly, when the lipstick is slathered on and she’s wearing a “sexy” dress and all worked up seem like a not so great drag queen amped up on PCP?

  4. Whenever I see Guilfoyle I’m reminded of Huxley’s description of voluptuous women in Brave New World as “pneumatic.” What has she done to her poor lips? Is this sex doll look a thing?

  5. I thought they were all parodies. Miss Kim looks to be going overboard on collagen injections and red lipstick.
    Or is she auditioning for the Joker in an off-Broadway production of Batman?


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