Move over Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert and the rest. There’s a new kid in town on the stand up comedy circuit and he is brutally funny, oh my God.

I speak of none other than Barack Obama, who is stumping in the State of Georgia for Raphael Warnock, who is presently leading 51% to 48.

It’s a shame there was never an Obama/Trump matchup with what Obama has to bring to the party.

And it gets worse for Walker, if you can imagine.

And Senator Warnock is no slouch. He’s letting Herschel have it.

Watch Obama bring down the house.

And Warnock brings down the house as well. Listen to the roars when he talks about a “senator who actually lives in Georgia.”

Let us hope for the best. As I’ve stated ad nauseum, I cannot believe this is a close race. I cannot believe it even came to a runoff. If we’re lucky, a lot of Republicans will feel like Geoff Duncan, the Lt. Governor of Georgia does and not even cast a ballot. I pray for the better angels of the Georgia electorate to prevail and for them to reelect a good senator and let Herschel Walker get some much needed mental health counseling.

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    • in tears listening to Obama — what a stellar human being. absolutely the best president of my long lifetime. miss the family
      so much

  1. I wasn’t sure when Obama would be speaking but I had MSNBC on. I got sidetracked for a bit near the end of Air Melber but when I got back to the TV it was Joy Reid’s hour and Obama was lighting it up with the clips you showed. We deserved to hear every bit of it. But Reid (full disclosure, I’ve never been a fan of hers – seems to forced in her presentation much of the time) said they had to do a quick commercial break. Ok, I get that. BUT, she turned to guests and instead of going to commercial she and they started commentary! WTF? I turned off my TV in disgust. I know Reid (and the others) is smart. Probably smarter than I am but as so often happens with network “talent” instead of letting me see & hear things for myself, they feel compelled to impose their “fuck you viewers” – I/WE will tell you about it and whether it was good or bad instead of letting you see/hear it with your own eyes/ears. I am so fucking sick of that kind of “superior” “reporting!”


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