I am experiencing an emotion that I never thought was possible. I am actually starting to feel a trifle sorry for Ivanka Trump. Not much, but a trifle. The reason for that is that her cousin Mary has so clearly explained that Ivanka is between a rock and a hard place in such a manner that most of us never find ourselves, and it’s pure tragi/comedy.

Mary Trump makes Ivanka’s quandary plain: Either Ivanka has to turn on her father, and if she did that, she would receive heroine status and possibly get the social standing in high society that she and Jared so crave. She might even, and here’s a wild idea, find that her own political ambitions might actually grow some legs, if she claimed to represent some new hybrid, Trumpism along with accountability.

OR, Ivanka has to placate her father and take his side about the stolen election and the insurrection, because if she doesn’t, he’ll cut her off without a dime. And then she and Jared would have to live on his money and that’s only $800 million, WTH is that?

Now if Ivanka was any sort of a normal person, money wouldn’t be a consideration on these facts, but Ivanka is a Trump and everything is about money. Only appearances and ratings come second to the almighty dollar. That’s why this is going to get hilarious, and soon.

Look for some kind of deranged version of King Lear to take place, as Ivanka and her two idiot brothers play the roles of the three daughters. Ivanka may have been in the Cordelia role to begin with, Trump’s favorite, but she might go rogue on him to save herself.

We’ve already seen a few hints of this. When Jared and Ivanka left Washington they spoke of putting together a new GOP think tank and Jared made it clear that he avoided Trump after the riot, fearful that they “would get into a fight.” 

Ivanka tweeted on January 6 that “violence is unacceptable and must be condemned.” And this is while Daddy was busy watching the violence on TV and wouldn’t do anything to stop it.

Mark my words. When the kids start testifying, that’s when this is going to get loony. That’s why they’re doing everything they can to avoid it.


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  1. Understand ur point but I will save my sympathy for the millions of children that family has directly or indirectly killed or destroyed. Everytime I look at them, I see them covered in innocent blood. Wonder what her vote was over the bone sawing of a journalist by her husband’s friends???

      • This is the woman who thought it was cute to post an instagram of her playing w/one of her kids while her dad was separating families at the border. I have no sympathy for her or her idiot brothers. Not to mention her husband is the most notorious slumlord in Maryland.

      • Former guy’s eldest twat is screwed by her own devices. I do however think she’s going to turn on daddy. Daddy hasn’t had much money for a while now so I can’t see her risking having to wear an orange jumpsuit for several years over the pittance he has left to him.

  2. She can’t help having been born to a P.O.S. father. However, we all know how creepy his feelings about her are and surely have been since she was hitting her teens. If not before. By the time she was in her mid-teens she knew damn well what kind of scum her father was. She could have maintained distance of sorts until it was time for college and after that forge her own way. Instead she chose to play the daddy’s girl role and twist his sick, twisted thoughts about her to her advantage. It was much easier to do that and reap the lavish benefits of the lifestyle she’s enjoyed than to make her own way in the world.

    She has made a LOT of conscious choices over the years to try and have it both ways – benefitting from the ill-gotten gains of her father and the Trump Organization including aiding and abetting obtaining some of those ill-gotten gains. Like many a daddy’s girl she married a P.O.S. corrupt asshole who also owed his “success” mostly due to being the son of a ruthless but competent (albeit corrupt) businessman father. And who wasn’t nearly as smart as he thought he was.

    Choices. Again and again she’s made them and if she’s upset about the position she’s in now she had only herself to blame. SHE made all those choices to get herself into this fix. So I have no sympathy for her. None. Zero. Zip. Instead, I hold hope that she will wind up being held accountable and to the point of spending some years wearing (horrors!) an ugly polyester blend orange jumpsuit in prison. And when she gets out having little if any of the fortune she currently has and having to live out her life working like hell to maintain a roof over her head. She would (sadly as far as I’m concerned) still have a nice, comfortable place to live but it won’t be anything like the lavishly appointed digs she’s come to regard as her birthright. That in and of itself will be a long lasting and humiliating punishment, as will the complete banishment of all those rich, privileged people she has hung out with from her life.

  3. “OR, Ivanka has to placate her father and take his side about the stolen election and the insurrection, because if she doesn’t, he’ll cut her off without a dime. And then she and Jared would have to live on his money and that’s only $800 million, WTH is that?”

    I would have to believe that Ivanka, better than probably anyone else, knows exactly how much money Daddy really has so being “cut off without a dime” is probably not going to be that much of a persuading factor. I’m guessing Ivanka knows exactly how many “theoretical dollars” Daddy has versus how many “real dollars” and she’s probably not the kind of gal to give two shits about “billions” of theoretical dollars. (For those who don’t get the reference, “theoretical dollars” was a phrase used on an episode of “South Park” that referred to money made by internet celebrities when the boys try to raise money for Canada–the episode was “Canada on Strike.” The scene where the boys go to the Colorado Department of Internet Money to collect their ten million theoretical dollars is hilarious; they meet other internet celebs, most of whom were parodied versions of the real internet celebs, who are all waiting for their own “paychecks” before getting into a major fight which leaves them all dead. For the record, the “theoretical dollars” were just basically plastic cards with numbers printed on them but having absolutely no real value–sort of like a non-activated credit card or gift card.)


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