This is going around social media. I’ve been looking for a fact check of it and so far to no avail. I don’t know if this has been photoshopped. If anybody here is an expert on these matters, please chime in. With that cautionary disclaimer, take a look at two characters walking, one the pipe bomber at the capitol and the other Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Again, my eye is peeled to see if Snopes or any other reputable fact checker will weigh in on this. If you see it first, please contact me and let me know. I’ll update the piece.

Here’s a bonus audio. This is pot Lin Wood calling kettle MT Greene black.

Here is Greene’s riposte to that.


Sigh. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s latest crusade is to give a job to Stuart Scheller, the troubled Marine we have written about here several times, who posted videos disagreeing with the actions of his superior officers in Afghanistan. He was subsequently arrested. We’ll let you know if he goes to work for Greene.


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  1. When the FBI first released the video of the bomber I told one of my family members it looks like a woman to me the way the person moves. Maybe I am right.

  2. Where exactly was she at the time of the video? Any pings off a cell tower? Serve the father of lies??? That’s so goddamn laughable when she does a lap dance on Mr pathological liar’s junk as often as she can. Oh, & where exactly does threatening traumatized high schoolers come in? Or the weapons in her hand? Her Jesus is a punk. Everybody wants to play solider from a cushy lifestyle. C*nt. Where’s Eddie & venom when u need them? I could enjoy that one.

  3. I guess I was wrong about Stuart Scheller. I can understand the man’s disappointment, but seeking support from MTG in a trial? He has lost his mind.

  4. Wait a minute, I thought she was all in with Wood, the Kraken, Rudy…What could he have done or said that would chase Margie Kooky Pants away? As for her being a/the bomber-more than a little possible.

  5. Same frame, same gait, exactly the same timing on the gait, same aggressive arm swing. So, she probably has the same leg length. Just an awful lot the same when you pick it apart.


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