We are less than 24 hours from Marjorie Taylor Greene’s visit on Tucker Carlson’s platform where she registered righteous indignation about having to go to court on Friday morning. Guess what, honey? That’s what happens when you get into litigation and if you conducted yourself properly, you wouldn’t be in the system.

But this clip you’ll see shows a different emotion. Fear.

Marge is on pins and needle. Why is that? And then I remembered the pipe bomber footage and I’m not the only one who made the psychic connection. The footage comparing Marge to the unknown pipe bomber was right down thread. And that, friends, would explain her terror.

I am always loathe to speculate too much, but this is a theory that fits the facts. Greene’s scared because she doesn’t know who has been talking to whom and she’s paranoid as hell to begin with (crooked people usually are) and so maybe she’s wondering what January 6 Committee evidence has been shared with which “funded” “Democrat” attorney, who will paint her into a corner and reveal her identity as the pipe bomber.

Not saying she did it. I’m only saying that she might have and IF she did, big IF, she is going into a court of law to discuss her connection with the Insurrection, after all. So it’s not like this isn’t fair game.

Maybe it’s as simple as that.

I said earlier today that I couldn’t wait for Friday, now I want to start a countdown clock. Maybe I’ll do just that.


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    • Given the person was thoroughly covered, one can only say (and not sound like an idiot) it may or may not be Ms. Greene: looks don’t really enter into it due to, duh, the complete covering. It seems likely looking that the way the person is walking, it is female, but even that is largely conjecture.

      All I can say is if Ms. Greene was somewhere else when the video caught this person on its way to commit a crime, she had better have a provable alibi. I would imagine many people would have no problem letting the J6 committee know if she were lying about her whereabouts that night. She lies almost as much as the orange shit-gibbon so it is not difficult to imagine she would do so in front of the committee; she is also ignorant enough to think that would be a good move.

      • I think it’s a female, too. Greene i 5’3″, according to the internet, which lies all the time about actors’ heights in Hollywood. But that’s the ballpark we’re in and the pipe bomber looks about that height.

  1. you know, they’ve been very quiet about the d. c. bomber question. almost as if they’re waiting for the proper time to announce charges. you can’t tell me they don’t know anything. very hush hush.

    • They have also been very quiet about the possibility of congress critters escorting so-called visitors through on Jan. 5.

  2. It’s just a very suspicious and long laundry list of what feels like evidence, connecting mt-g to possibly being the pipe bomber… Style of swinging the arm while walking, somewhat slender hips yet clearly a female same type of Nike sneakers, sending a tweet about the pipe bombs before they were revealed by news media and I’m sorry to say this but MPG seems too comfortable with any everything military including many military semi-automatic rifles, to be able to claim that she knows absolutely nothing about explosives or bombs of any kind didn’t an SUV get exploded in her commercial? It will be extremely important to be able to see her questioned on television I’ll be working at that time but I’m sure it will be newsworthy whatever ends up taking place

  3. Mtnut was so comfortable in front of camera’s platforms CPAC going to rallies telling lies she would know about lying collecting donations what’s the problem mtnut now hope they hang your ass sad to say looks like a duck walks and talks like a duck its a duck mtnut all you idiots going down fools do worry the dumpster never knew you


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