It’s no secret that politicians pivot. If you’ve heard of the Overton Window, it is a model for studying political thought. At any given time in history certain ideas will be acceptable and unacceptable. The acceptable ones are within the window the unacceptable are outside.

Now granted, politicians not only pivot but sometimes people have genuine changes of heart over a period of years. We are asked to believe that Liz Cheney, who once opposed gay marriage, now sees the subject a different way. And certainly that’s possible.

What is not possible, or plausible in any event, is the kind of alien mind conversion that Lindsey Graham displays. You’ve probably seen most of these clips but the way in which they are edited together is masterful. Take a look.

The use of the term “alien mind conversion” is not limited to me. Even Hillary Clinton said she had no idea what had happened to Graham and she used a similar phrase. She said he used to be funny, self-effacing and good company. Now he’s a dreary Trump bot, spouting the party line. And we should specify that his party is not the GOP these days, not the old GOP of yore, at least, the one he and John McCain palled around in for so many years. We are speaking of the party of Trump.

And check out this clip from Morning Joe. Lindsey was his old self, making sense on January  6 for a few minutes and then he flip flopped again. Incredible.

Let’s see where this goes. Graham has admonished none other than Mitch McConnell that nobody can “be effective” in the GOP unless they are Trump toadies. We’ll see if that happens. Not holding my breath. As stated many times before, if I had to bet on McConnell or Trump, the turtle will be the one to finish the race first, not the hare-brained.


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  1. Someone has something on him. He’s gay? Who cares? Pedophile? Oh yeah we care. Corrupt? Someday I hope it’s exposed. In my lifetime please.

    • Yeah. He’s the senator from NV in Godfather 2. He disses Michael then grovels after waking up with a dead prostitute. Anyone checked for dead prostitutes, male, female, whatever?


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