This was too obvious to pass up and so the Lincoln Project didn’t. They ran with it all the way and it is a scream. Take a moment and enjoy.

We’re in the last 27 days of the most bizarre campaign in history and if the past several have been any indication, Lincoln Project is going to keep pounding away relentlessly at both Donald Trump and the egregious Republican down ballot. Their genius is that they take Trump’s own words and images and turn them against him — and they’ve done that to great effect with Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins as well. Trump is on the ropes. Each new poll that comes out only widens Joe Biden’s lead.

Trump is both mentally and physically sick now. He’s always been a characterological mess, but add to that the terror of defeat and public embarrassment and his psychological collapse is virtually assured. The steroids aren’t helping either. In three or four days he should be crashing from the dexamethasone and that will be an epic mess.

The Lincoln Project has recorded all of these developments in a series of mini documentaries and brilliant political advertising. It’s worth a jaunt over to You Tube to check out their page. And go to their Twitter feed, because a lot of great ads appear only there.

Trumo isn’t the only one going down in flames either. As stated, Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins may be breathing their last political breaths. Cory Gardner had an epic screw up the other day when he posted a Spanish language debate, which posited that the Democrats were responsible for stimulus talks being cancelled — and then the same night it aired, Trump went on Twitter and cancelled the talks. So Gardner looked like both a liar and a fool.

Look for all the idiocy to be exposed, and in double time, now that we’re getting down to the last three weeks of the election. As we speak, two things are happening: Trump is panic tweeting and the Lincoln Project is taking it all down.


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    • I really like this. This is one of their best. I said that about yesterday’s piece as well. Maybe they’re just going to keep cranking out good stuff.

      • Rick Wilson talks like Ernest Hemingway writes. These republicans are like jilted lovers. Anyone on the wrong side of that line knows what hell that brings. As jim carrey said B E A UTIFUL.

  1. I think all Republicans that refuse to go through an “approved” reeducation program should be exiled to Argentina. Or maybe Brazil.

    • Actually, for a while I’ve been thinking Gitmo. A long time ago in seemingly another life I had a guy move into my BEQ room who’d just come from there. It was not at all a fun place to spend a couple of years. I’d imagine in the now mostly empty detainee area it’s even less so. If there are too many for the actual facilities? Well, since they were okay with tents for children they’d ripped away from parents then as far as I’m concerned tents are more than good enough for this crowd. If what conservatives that remain on our shores gripe about it make a trade – make all their mega donors personally cough up an amount equal to all the base construction money needed to fund all the projects around the country that were stopped cold because their Mango Mussolini illegally diverted those funds for that stupid wall.

  2. I realize it’s a minute and a half but please, please Bloomberg, or Cuban or Steyer (or all three of you split the cost) and run this on regular TV. Even if Fox charges a premium to air it a couple of times during their Sunday Football coverage it’s worth it!

  3. Perfect! Make a mockery of his balcony ‘performance’. It was so overly staged and obvious, what an embarrassment he is. And he has no idea. He’s thinking he’s looking heroic when he’s looking like the fool that he is. Yes, this should get wide distribution and viewing.


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