As you see displayed every single day, the fringe loonies of the GOP do not understand what’s at stake with each issue before the House and Senate, other than it’s an opportunity to bleat and baa how the American people are being done wrong by Democrats and RINOS, the solution being a MAGA one. But don’t think that that’s necessarily a bad thing. Apart from entertainment value, MAGA has created schisms and rifts a plenty in the Republican party, as they turn on each other. Democrats can certainly use that to their advantage.

In any event, read what the New York Times has to say and then listen to the high school dropout and you decide which one makes more sense.

WASHINGTON — The House approved legislation on Tuesday that would pave the way for a swift increase in the debt ceiling amid a Republican blockade, after congressional leaders in both parties agreed to try an unusual maneuver that could avert the threat of a first-ever federal default.

The 222-to-212 vote came after days of quiet bipartisan talks to resolve the stalemate culminated in a deal. Only one House Republican, Representative Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, joined Democrats in voting in favor of the measure, demanding that the party in charge of both congressional chambers and the White House address the government’s ability to borrow.

Its passage was not guaranteed in the evenly divided Senate, where Republicans have for weeks refused to let Democrats take up any bill to provide a long-term increase. But Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the minority leader, signaled confidence that enough of his colleagues could accept the solution.

The Treasury Department has said that it could breach the statutory limit on its ability to borrow to finance the federal government’s obligations soon after Dec. 15 without congressional action. That would lead to a catastrophic default that would wreak havoc on the U.S. and global economies. […]

“Democrats always said that we were willing to shoulder the load at 50 votes to get this done, as long as it wasn’t a convoluted or risky process,” Mr. Schumer said. “Leader McConnell and I have achieved that.”

Mr. McConnell and 10 Republicans agreed in October to allow the Senate to take up a short-term increase to the debt limit, which ultimately passed with Democratic votes. But some of those senators — including Mr. McConnell, in a scathing letter to Mr. Biden — warned they would not acquiesce again.

But in November, Mr. McConnell and Mr. Schumer began quietly discussing alternatives.

“I’m confident that this particular procedure, coupled with the avoidance of Medicare cuts, will achieve enough Republican support to clear the 60-vote threshold,” Mr. McConnell said, predicting a Thursday vote for the bill in the Senate.

That would require 10 Republicans to join Democrats in advancing the measure, a prospect that Mr. McConnell discussed at lunch with members of his party on Tuesday afternoon. Some Republicans questioned it, arguing that passing new legislation to allow a fast-track debt ceiling increase would set a new and troubling precedent.

Now listen to the dummy. As soon as the vote was over, she just had to race to a camera and declaim about swamp creatures.

Swamp creatures. I love it.

Another day in Washington, another photo op for the MAGAs. And that’s fine. They’re entertaining. I wonder if 2022 is going to pan out for Boebert like she thinks it is?

As a “bonus” here’s her keeping up with the Massie’s Xmas photo.

Performative assholery, as even Dan Crenshaw has opined.

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  1. Studies of human reactions have proven that when about to collide with something coming at you instinct kicks in and you want to go left. That’s why in the few countries in the world where people drive on the left side of the road it’s actually safer. (It’s also something military folks, from those shooting missiles or pilots/aviators are taught – in part to overcome the instinct but also to take advantage of it in an enemy who might not have been trained to overcome it)

    Anyway, when Bobblehead spouts her lies into the camera she knows the truth is out there headed her way. So she instinctively looks left for an escape route!

    • That is fascinating. I had a horse. I would exercise him and he would run straight at me (like either one of us believed he was going to run me down) and then at the last moment he broke to the left. Never to the right, he always broke left. Thanks, Denis. I learn something every day.

  2. Bobo is an ignoramus of such a high caliber, I wonder if she received what little education she has from the state of Montana. My word she is a complete and utter moron. I know severely developmentally disabled people who would look like professors when compared to this dumb twat.

    If you wish to know why I am picking on MT’s ed system, read the letter sent Tuesday by the superintendents of the state’s largest school districts to the head of the Office of Public Instruction. I had realized previously the schools in MT were pretty mediocre but it won’t be long before Mississippi can state “hey, at least we’re not Montana”.

    • Just a friendly suggestion but the next time you implore people to “read” something, then it would be nice for YOU to include a link to the material you want people to read or, at the very least, include some of the points from that material (you are legally permitted to use short excerpts and, of course, you’re free to summarize material in your own words). I did a search as I was curious but found it much easier to simply copy-and-paste “letter sent Tuesday by the superintendents of the state’s largest school districts to the head of the Office of Public Instruction” into my search engine (substituting “Montana’s” for “the state’s”) rather than try to figure out something shorter which would get me there. My first result, unfortunately, seemed to lead to some kind of paywall (the page loaded with the relevant story but the story itself seemed to experience white out) but I did find another source though the letter itself was somewhat squeezed into the article so its font made reading it a bit tough, especially given the length of the letter.

      And I strongly doubt, based on what *I* read in the article I found that Mississippi would ever be saying “at least we’re not Montana.” I can’t imagine there would be so many concerned Mississippi school district superintendents who would take the time to pen such a letter to their own state’s top Education official.


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